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Xecuter SX Gear Review for Modding Nintendo Switch

The first Xecuter SX Gear Review is here to read and discuss. SX Gear is an upcoming kit for hacking Nintendo Switch consoles as well from Team Xecuter. If you have the SX OS code or intend to install other free Switch CFW on your Nintendo Switch, you are 100% need the cheap SX Gear.

Xecuter SX Gear

Besides the SX Pro, SX OS code and the SX OS cfw, Team Xecuter plans to release another product for hacking or modding Nintendo Switch firmware consoles. That is the SX Gear, it is the SX Pro copy version without the built-in OS license code, and greatly useful for people who have got lots of os codes but without the SX Pro.

SX Gear is also compatible with the third-party payloads, if you want to run other Switch firmware like the Atmosphere on your console, the SX Gear can support it too. But currently only on the TX SX OS CFW, we can play retail game card backups and eshop games

SX Gear is made of the SX Gear usb dongle and RCM jig as well as the SX Pro. However, it’s an empty SX Gear dongle, so it’s much cheaper and can be used on different Nintendo Switch consoles. The Xecuter SX Gear is currently in Pre-order status, if you want to buy and get it faster, you can just order from us now,

We are able to send the SX Gear out once it’s launched by Team Xecuter, even if you looking for shipping from USA and EU or Paypal payment, 3ds-flashcard site can satisfy your need too. We keep warehouses in USA and France, enable the Paypal payment by openning a store in site.

SX Gear Pros and Cons

Pros Cons
  • Compatible with the SX OS code and the third-party payload.
  • Support booting any CFW payload on Switch to run free custom firmware.
  • Enable loading SX OS CFW on different Switch consoles to play free games and run homebrews.
  • Lower price with the same quality SX Pro dongle and jig.
  • Plug and play, once you get the OS code or third-party payload.
  • Continuous support from Team Xecuter.
  • OS Code required for working.

SX Gear Overall Review

All in all, the Xecuter SX Gear is a cheaper SX Pro without the OS license code, it is also at a reasonable price $35.  SX Gear from Team Xecuter also guaranteed the quality of usb dongle and RCM jig, which has aleady been tested by hundreds and thousands of customers in the worldwide with the releasing of SX Pro kit. So compared to buy any other unknown and cheaper usb dongle, we will recommend you choose and trust the SX Gear from official Team Xecuter. It is your Best SX OS and other Switch CFW companion in 2018!

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