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Why SX OS 1.8, 1.7 released in 1 day and which to use for hacking Switch?

The best Nintendo Swith CFW-SX OS has got 2 updates nearly within 24 hours, why is the SX OS V1.8 released so quickly after the SX OS V1.7, what are their differences and which should we choose for hacking the Nintendo Switch v5.1.0 or future V6.0.0 firmware, let me give you an answer here.

SX OS 1.7 and SX OS 1.8

SX OS is the Ninendo Switch custom firmware made by the Team Xecuter company, it’s the best Nintendo Switch CFW in 2018, because SX OS is the Only CFW that supports Switch XCI. roms play directly from a microsd card. Recently, the official site team-xecuter updated their SX OS 2 times( V1.7 and V1.8) within 24 hours. The 2 updates both are mainly for solving its compatibility issue to the upcoming Nintendo Switch firmware V6.0.0 which has already been leaked to the whole Internet and some hackers even tested it on their consoles.

SX OS 1.8

Oops. Suffice to say, we wasted no time to track down the root cause of this issue and fixed it up for you, still ahead of the official 6.0 release schedule!

Another thing which has been addressed is the incompatibility of the current “layeredFS” implementation with firmware 6.0. SX OS will now automatically disable “layeredFS” support when running on firmware 6.0, preventing any crashes/hangs.

That’s it for now. We’re running out of (reasonable) minor version numbers for SX OS 1… which means we are revving up for the big SX OS 2.0 release! At this point we can’t spoil yet what the next iteration of SX OS has in store for you, but rest assured it will be exciting.

Again, sorry for this minor bug-fix release.

SX OS 1.7

To make for a smooth landing we have adapted your beloved SX OS to be fully compatible with the yet to be released firmware 6.0! We’ll save you the fairy-tales of implied time-travel and such, but let’s just say we got to have a look at this firmware a bit ahead of schedule. 

Currently, there is no easy (or endorsed by Team-Xecuter) method for manually installing this major update, but if there’s sufficient demand we will devise a method. (Possibly helpful for those of you who got “super-banned” somehow)

We received some feedback from some expert users who are early adopters of the upcoming 6.0 firmware update. It appears we had overlooked something which made SXOS not boot firmware 6.0 for users with an exFAT formatted microSD card.

Reasons for TX releasing SX OS V1.8 after 1.7

sx os 1.8

The SX OS 1.7 was released on 2nd, September while the SX OS 1.8 was available just 1 day ago. Why TX updates the SX OS so quickly this time? Is there any problem with the SX OS v1.7 working on Nintendo Switch V6.0.0. The answer is Yes, though SX OS 1.7 supports the next Switch V6.0 the same as the latest SX OS 1.8, users of OS 1.7 and Switch V6.0 reported 2 issues.

  • SX OS V1.7 can’t be booted on firmware 6.0 for users with an exFAT formatted microSD card.
  • LayeredFS can’t be installed on firmware 6.0 even users updated to SX OS V1.7.

So they are the reasons why the SX OS 1.8 released immediately after the 1.7 version, for solving the 2 issues, TX decided to release another minor update-SX OS 1.8. 

SX OS 1.7 VS SX OS 1.8

SX OS 1.7 SX OS 1.8
Release date  Sep 2, 2018  Sep 3, 2018
Compatibility for Switch firmware 6.0 Support Support
Support exfat microsd No Yes
Support layeredFS No No, remove the layeredFS
Support Webapplets No No, will cause crash
Support .XCI and .NSP games Support both, but .XCI games safer to play than .NSP Same
Support play online No, you can only be online with “Stealth” mode Same

For hacking Nintendo Switch firmware v6.0.0, which to choose?

sx pro buy USA/EU

Currently, even the SX OS 1.8 isn’t good enough for hacking Switch firmware v6.0, users can’t use the LayeredFS and get access to Apps needed for using an Internet connection. So even SX OS 1.8 is better than SX OS 1.7. We wouldn’t recommend you update the Switch firmware to V6.0.0, until the TX release the SX OS 2.0 to solve the current issues. With the SX OS 1.8, users can still play free Switch games on firmware v6.0.0. But if you want more functions like webapps, we would wait for the SX OS 2.0. Lastly, for those of you wants to install SX OS to Nintendo Swich to play free games, just buy the SX Pro the official reseller, like us

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