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Which R4i gold is the best to buy for installing CFW on 3DS or Switch?

It’s known that we can play free DS games by using the r4 card with no risk. But do you know? How to use the r4 card to play DS games freely on 3DS without 3ds flashcard? Which R4i gold is the best to buy for installing CFW on 3DS or Switch? Should we use SX Pro to hack switch? Today, you can find a solution on the below.

How to use the r4 card to play DS games freely on 3DS without 3ds flashcard? 

If you are running a CFW on a 3DS, you can use Nds-bootstrap plus TWLoader to load DS ROMs from the 3DS SD card. However, this method doesn’t support most of DS games, take up large space on your model and gave save is a trouble.

This mean requires you installing CFW firstly, so you can run the NDS-bootstrap to load ds files from 3DS sd card. How to set up a CFW to your 3DS? In 2018, many flashcards cam support you install Boot9strap and 3DS CFW easily with NTRboothax, they are the R4i B9S, R4i Gold 3DS Plus, Ace3DS X.

What is Nds-bootstrap? It is a WIP project that allows people to play their Nintendo DS Homebrew & ROMs on a Nintendo DSi or on a Nintendo 3DS natively using an SD card without using a flashcart or an emulator. Even though compatibility isn’t perfect yet, it can still play a handful of games. The current latest version is v0.6.0.

In order to use this, you’ll need to get a frontend. Here are some frontends that we recommend:

  • TWLoader is a CTR-mode GUI that looks and feels like the Nintendo DSi menu, but the theme can be changed to R4 or akmenu/Wood.
  • nds-hb-menu is another 3DS frontend but based off the Nintendo DSi homebrew menu.

SRLoader is a port of the famous TWLoader to the DSi.

  1. Download TWLoader. You can get it from the latest release page here or download latest 7z version from here:
  2. Extract the files to a folder and move TWLoader.cia to SD:\TWLoader.cia
  3. Open sdroot folder and move _nds folder to SD:\ root.
  4. Move your .nds files to your desire location. Default: SD:\roms\nds. You can change default location following this steps.
  5. (IMPORTANT!!) This step is required. If you aren’t connected to the internet, an error screen will appear if those aren’t installed.
  6. Install TWLoader – TWLNAND side.cia and TWLoader – TWLNAND side (part 2).cia to SysNAND (also to EmuNAND, if you have EmuNAND).
  7. Install SD:\TWLoader.cia to the NAND your are using (SysNAND or EmuNAND)

If you want to load roms from SD follow this steps:

  • Put every .nds file on your nds folder. Default location is SD:\roms\nds\
  • (Optional) TWLoader auto download boxart from the Intenet. If you want to use your custom boxart, follow this steps:
  • Create (or download) your .png file that’s 128×115.
  • Name the .png file to the same filename as the game, but with .png added to the end. (ex. your rom is name game.nds, boxart will be game.nds.png)
  • Save it to SD:\_nds\twloader\boxart\.

Which R4i gold is the best to buy for installing CFW on 3DS?

The R4I Gold 3DS Plus is the best choice, It brings with it a double processor chip allowing even faster firmware updates and better compatibility with all games, apps, and media player functions. The R4 3DS card has long been the favorite flash card for all Nintendo DS, DSi and now 3DS owners. Making it easy for you to bring a slew of features and functions to the very best handheld console of all time. Whether you want to turn your Nintendo DS, DSi or 3DS into a fully functioning multimedia player, or want to get your hands on some of the most fantastic homebrew and indie game and applications, the R4 3DS Dual Core can do it all … and more.

If you’re an old-school game addict like we are, then this is the card for you! With emulators for all of the top classic gaming systems and computers, you’ll be able to relive the gaming days of yesterday by playing some of your favorite classic games right on your Nintendo 3DS system. With emulators for the NES, Super NES, Genesis, Mega Drive and dozens of other old classic systems, you’ll never run out of games to play.

Can we use the r4 card to install CFW on Nintendo Switch?

No, R4 card cannot work on Nintendo Switch, If you want to play free switch games, Xecuter SX Pro and SX OS are the best choices for players, and now SX Gear also has been released, it’s a good companion for SX OS. In addition, it is very easy to install this product on your Nintendo Switch, so for beginners, you only have to play and connect.

In addition, it is safe to enjoy all free games without being banned by BigN. Because we do not need to change the Nintendo Switch console. And the team website official Xecuter is really professional for the piracy of the consoles.

For the free region, this Xecuter SX Pro supports all regions and all firmware versions, so it can hack Turn on the latest firmware V6.0.0. It just has a disadvantage, it is risky to play online, so you should turn off the Wifi to avoid a ban. So where can we buy SX Pro to hack Switch?

This product is a very good choice for hacking a Nintendo Switch. Because there is no other way to play Switch games on the market for free. And the price is not expensive at all. As is known, an original cartridge from Switch is expensive, for example, a game of Super Mario Odyssey made nearly $45 on, and a legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is $56 on Amazon. Fortunately, this chip Xecuter SX Pro allows you to play unlimited Switch games using a Micro SD card just for $50 on our site

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