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Which R4 card is flashing NTRboothax on 3DS/2DS XL to install CFW easily?

It’s not a news that we can use a DS flashcart or an R4 card and a Magnet to hack any 3DS console to install CFW(Boot8strap) easily without hardmod and dsiware. But do you know which are the R4 cards/DS flashcards support NTRBoothax/Magnethax? Is R4i sdhc 3ds, R4i gold pro or Gateway 3ds blue card working with it and the last question, how many ways we can use the R4/R4i card to flash NTRBOOT on the 3DS/NEW 3DS/2DS/2DS XL handheld to install the free Custom Firmware? Here, with all the updates from site, let me give you a full answer here.

Which R4 cards/DS Flashcarts support NTRBoothax/Magnethax?

The following flashcarts are all the ones compatible with ntrboot exploit, some of them are available to buy for now, others are not.

flashcard supports ntrboot

  • Stargate 3DS(an upcoming 3DS/DS game flashcard for all Nintendo 3DS system machines and with NTRboot compatibility too)
  • R4i Gold 3DS RTS(available to buy and this card even without working with NTRBooth method, it can hack 3DS V11.5 console to play Free DS games)
  • Acekard 2i(available to buy but what you get from the shopping site is a naked card, the official site is already dead for many years)

r4 card ntrboothax

  • R4i Gold 3DS “Starter”(Outdated flashcart, don’t recommend)
  • R4i Ultra”(Outdated flashcart, don’t recommend)
  • R4 3D Revolution”(Outdated flashcart, don’t recommend)
  • Infinity 3 R4i”(Outdated flashcart, don’t recommend)

Is R4i sdhc 3ds, R4i gold pro(dual core 2017) or Gateway 3ds blue card supporting NTRboot?

No, all these flashcarts are not supporting NTRboot exploit, at least at the time when I write this article. And judged from all the current R4 cards/DS flashcarts have NTRBoothax compatibility, it is unlikely that R4i sdhc 3ds, R4isdhc(gold pro, dual core, silver rts lite 2017), Gateway 3ds blue card will support it in the near future. So if your need to buy an R4 card is only using the NTRBOOT exploit to run CFW, don’t buy any other R4/R4I 3ds card but the R4i gold 3ds rts.

Note: The R4i sdhc rts 3ds and 2017 R4isdhc cards are playing thousands of DS games, running homebrews, supports region free/multi-media function/real-time save/user cheats directly on your NEW 3DS, NEW 3DS XL, 2DS. NEW 2DS XL, 3DS and 3DS XL V11.5.0 firmware devices. Even though don’t support Magnethax, they are a good choice to hack your 3DS model too!

How manys ways to flash NTRboot on 3DS/NEW 3DS/2DS XL and which is the easiest?

There are 5 ways in total for installing NTRboot exploit on 3DS/NEW 3DS XL/NEW 2DS console via using the R4 card or DS flashcart. You can check here.

5 methods to setup NTRBOOTHAX on Nintendo 3DS console Requirements
Flashing ntrboot (3DS Single System) One unhacked 3DS family console and a compatible flashcart.

  • R4i Gold 3DS (RTS) : <= 11.5.0
  • Acekard 2i : <= 4.3.0
  • R4i Gold 3DS “Starter” : 4.1.0 – 4.5.0
  • R4i Ultra : <= 4.3.0
  • Infinity 3 R4i : <= 10.1.0
Flashing ntrboot (3DS Multi System) A second 3DS family device that is already running some kind of custom firmware (such as boot9strap or arm9loaderhax) a compatible flashcart.
Flashing ntrboot (NDS) A Nintendo DS or Nintendo DS Lite that is compatible with the flashcart.
Flashing ntrboot (DSi) A Nintendo DSi that is compatible with the flashcart.
Flashing ntrboot (Powersaves) This method, once ready, will require temporary access to a Powersaves

As to which is the easiest one to choose? It is depended on which 3DS/DS machine you own and which NTRboothax compatible flashcard you have. If you have the best one R4i gold 3ds or plan to buy it, it is fully compatible with all the 5 methods. Otherwise, the other compatible DS flashcarts are supporting limited 3DS/NDS/DSI system handhelds, it may a lttle hard for you to find them. So all in all, what’s your best choice to flash NTRboot on 3DS family device with any firmware to run CFW/Boot9strap?  The answer is R4i gold 3ds plus the single 3DS System method here.

What you need

  • Your ntrboot compatible flashcart
  • The latest release of ak2i_ntrcardhax_flasher (dsi flasher; not the standard flasher)


Section I – Prep Work

  1. Power off your device
  2. Insert your flashcart’s SD card into your computer
  3. Copy ak2i_ntrcardhax_flasher_dsi.nds to your flashcart’s SD card
  4. Reinsert your flashcart’s SD card back into your flashcart
  5. Insert your ntrboot compatible DS / DSi flashcart into your device

Section II – Flashing ntrboot

  1. Launch ak2i_ntrcardhax_flasher_dsi.nds on your device using your flashcart
  2. Press (A) to continue. Make a note of the “HW Rev”, you may need it later
  3. Press (A) to “inject ntrboothax”
  4. Press (A) to select “RETAIL”
  5. Press (B) to “EXIT”

Section III -Install Booth9strap(CFW)

Just follow this guide.

NTRboothax Video Tutorial: How to install custom firmware (Luma3DS – Boot9strap) using ntrboot.


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