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Which is the best 3DS game flashcard (support 3DS rom) for 3DS XL ?

3DS game card is the flashcard can play 3ds roms on 3DS console. However, it is known that 3DS console is difficult to break, most old flash carts teams can’t break them. Recently, several new team have done it. So, what are the top 5 3ds game card? They are gateway 3ds flashcard, r4i gold 3DS deluxe, 3DS link, orange 3ds card and MT-card. The flash cards from above teams can play 3ds games.

Many friends get their 3DS consoles for a long time, and want to buy a 3DS flashcard like the R4DS and R4i on NDSL or DSi to save money. Several month before, some cards called 3DS flashcard too, such as R4i 3DS, R4i Gold 3DS, supercard dstwo etc…They can work on 3DS console, but can’t play 3DS games, can only play DS and DSi games. is the official reseller of 3DS game flashcard.

A) New Card:

SKY3DS  is the first 3DS flashcart works on any 3DS console. Of couse include the latest 3DS 9.2.0-20. So you can use this flashcart enjoy all the 3DS games on New 3DS LL,3DS XL,3DS,2DS. It’s the latest and new 3DS flashcart.

B) Old 3DS Flashcarts

1) Gateway 3ds flashcard:

Gateway 3DS card is considered to be the best one to choose, because it is the first real 3DS card, team looks have better technology supports till now.

in the following, 3DSLink card, R4i Gold 3DS deluxe and Orange 3DS card break 3DS one by one. From the break method, the new competitors are the copies of Gateway 3DS.

2) R4i gold 3ds deluxe:

R4i Gold 3DS deluxe edition  comes from the old team – R4i gold team, they win much honour. Because their products can break each update of Nintendo, from R4i gold, R4i gold 3ds and the newest R4i gold 3DS Deluxe. So, from the card popularity, the R4i gold 3DS deluxe is the best choice.

3) 3DS link:

3DS link  is also made from r4i gold team. Support 3ds/3dsxl consoles(Version v4.1 to v4.5)

4) Orange 3ds:

Orange 3DS = R4i gold 3ds delux = 3DSLINK, they are from the same company. Orange 3DS is only about US$45.00-US$55.00, it is much cheaper, maybe only half of gateway 3DS. So, if you don’t have much budget, Orange 3DS card and 3DSLink are the best choice.

5) MT-card:

MT-Card have the same functions and the same compatibility(all of the only support 3DS version V4.1-V.4.5). Following is the comparison table for these five 3ds flashcards.


2014.1.08 (their functions will change,you must learn the latest update at the official website)

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