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Where and how to download SNES roms to play for free on SNES Classic?

There is no doubt that one of the biggest surprises of recent years has been the success of the Nintendo Mini systems. If its first console, the Nintendo Classic Mini NES was a revolution in the market, its successor, the SNES Mini, has followed the same path, even surpassing the sales of its predecessor. The Classic 2 Magic has been released, it’s a good news for SNES Mini fans, players can use C2M to play all SNES game roms, So, Where and how to download SNES roms? Answers on the below.

Classic 2 Magic, What’s the original cartridges on your SNES Mini?


Since the NES and SNES Mini came on the market, Nintendo fans have been steadily increasing the number of small console games. Today, a device brings another solution in the form of a device that reads the cartridges and your USB key packed with ROMS

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It’s been a while since we’ve talked about the SNES Mini. It must be said that the hacks and other hacks of the Nintendo mini console are more rare as the hype diminishes. If we had definitely gone around the Hackchi2 or Madmonkey type of solutions to increase the number of console games, here is the latest one that arrives maybe a little late.

Close to the spirit of Retrode 2, Classic 2 Magic (or C2M) comes in the form of a SNES Classic Mini device that allows users to add more games to the Nintendo console without getting out of the box. to weld or blindly plunge into the BIOS of the machine. On, this device sold for 70.9$ with voucher code will allow you to copy your SNES cartridges to install them and launch them directly on your SNES Mini.

Features of Classic 2 Magic:

  • Plays original SNES game carts

  • Supports SNES game carts from any region

  • Insert game cart and then turn on console, just like the original SNES

  • Works with ANY SNES Mini console (as well as NES Mini and Shonen jump mini)

Where and how to download SNES roms to play for free on SNES Classic?

At first, we need to download SNES Roms from this Rom site. We’ll take you through the simple process of getting your console unlocked and ready to go. Step one is to have your SNES Classic and its USB cable next to your PC ready to go and to install the Hakchi2 Software from ClusterM. Some people prefer to use the .ZIP file but we will use the .EXE version for this tutorial. Unfortunately, there is currently no Mac version of this so you will need to find a Windows PC to do it or use Bootcamp, Wineskin, or a virtual PC emulation software like VirtualBox could theoretically work but I haven’t tested those options. Reddit user t-o-a-d-l-e did manage to get it running on Virtualbox so it is possible to do.

Step By Step

  1. Install and open Hakchi2 from Github.
  2. Plug in your SNES Classic via the USB on your PC.
  3. Select Kernal and select Flash Custom Kernel (see steps below)
  4. Follow on-screen instructions. Make sure to save your kernel to the cloud!
  5. Create a folder on your PC called ROMs.
  6. Use your ROMs in .zip file format.
  7. Find a cover art on Google or your preferred search engine.
  8. Press the Synchronise Selected Games button.

How to install games?

Once you have acquired the ROMs you need, installing them is very easy. Using the same Hakchi2 interface as before, select the “Add More Games” button and navigate to your ROMs folder. I suggest making a separate folder to keep them from getting lost in the downloads. From there, select the .ZIP file you want to use. Remember, the SNES Classic is built on the NTSC platform, not PAL so make sure your ROMs are NTSC or USA only.

After choosing the ROM, you have some options on the right-hand side. Normally they populate automatically from the info on the ROM, so you don’t need to change them, but you can add your own cover art. Make sure you use small versions of the cover art, since the more space you use on pictures, the less space you’ll have for games.

How to use the Classic 2 Magic to play free games on your SNES Mini?

Classic 2 Magic device that adds to our small console a slot from which to connect our original cartridges and enjoy them in our modern television with the advantages offered by a system like the SNES Mini (and eye, it is also compatible with the Nintendo Classic Mini NES). In addition, it also incorporates a USB port, where you can connect a pendrive with which to expand the capacity of our console can add new games.

The installation of the system does not require any type of hardware modification in our console, we simply have to connect it to our SNES Mini through its USB port, and after a quick installation we can enjoy our original cartridges, from any region, in our console. It is important to remember that any modification of the original software of our system will make us lose the original guarantee of the manufacturer.

It takes out a lot of the guesswork for people that were maybe intimidated by hakchi. We’ll have a separate article up soon detailing how to set up the C2M. Anyway, once you have it finally loaded, your SNES Classic screen will look a little bit different, but you’ll notice a new icon. This will primarily be used for loading up your carts. With your SNES Classic off, you simply pop in a cart and choose the icon to load it. It will pause momentarily and then begin. The pause is because in the background it is dumping your ROM and then loading it. So the SNES Classic is never ever actually playing your cart. Which is still great as the C2M now doubles as a ROM dumper.


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