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What’s the free way to install CFW on 3DS/2DS XL V11.8?

A totally free way to install 3DS CFW, even on the V11.8.0 firmware is released, that method is called ’Frogminer‘. This post will give you a full introduction on it and also teach you how to use it to install CFW on 3DS or 2DS XL V11.8.0E/U/J consoles.

Frogminer: The 100% FREE way to install B9S/CFW on the 3DS V11.8

Nintendo Scene Developer @zoogie has released ‘Frogminer’ removing the need to have a purchased ‘DSiWare’ title on your Nintendo handheld to do the ‘mining’ operation. It’s the latest method of installation of compatible CFW until firmware 11.8. This method named Frogminer is based on a batch of homebrews that will allow you to inject a game DSiwarehax type Flipnote Studio within a DSi application instead of a title DSiware.

This method is completely free, unprecedented and secure because the risk of brick is absent. Why? Because “Frogminer“ uses DS download play, which is not essential to the operation of the console system unlike the Health app for example. You will be able to delete the app without the console claiming it.

FAQ Of 3DS CFW Exploit Frogminer

Q: How is this different from Seedminer?
A: It uses homebrew to inject a new dsiwarehax game (Flipnote Studio) into a DSi system title instead of an eshop DSiware. This allows it to be free of charge.

Q: DSi System Title? Can this brick?
A: No, the title we use is DS download play and it is completely non-essential, like the Health & Safety app. You could delete DS dlp and the 3DS wouldn’t care. Still, you can easily restore DS dlp after Frogminer with the included Frogtool.3dsx.

Q: Wait, this isn’t in the Plailect Guide, how can we trust it?
A: The writer wrote Seedminer, Frogminer, b9sTool, etc. and I can vouch for the above guide since its been successfully tested for a few days now on the Nintendo Homebrew Discord. The only reason it isn’t in The Guide already is that Plailect is a busy guy and he hasn’t got around to it yet. It will be included soon.

Q: Why is “Frog” in the name? That frightens me.
A: Because the Flipnote Studio mascot is this little fella. And now, by proxy, he is the mascot of Frogminer (with Lenny’s blessing)

How to use Frogminer on 3DS V11.8 to install CFW/B9S?

Section I: Prepping your SD card

  1. Insert your 3DS SD card into your PC
  2. Download the latest version of Luma3DS here
  3. Download the latest version of b9sTool here
  4. Download the here
  5. Copy boot.firm from the Luma3DS 7z archive to the root of your SD Card
  6. Copy boot.nds from b9sTool archive to the root of your SD Card
  7. Copy Frogtool.3dsx from to the 3ds folder
  8. Copy the private folder from to the root of your SD Card

Section II: Exporting DS download play and injecting JPN Flipnote Studio

  1. Reinsert the SD Card into your 3ds and power it on
  2. Launch Frogtool.3dsx from the Homebrew Launcher
  3. Select “Export clean DS Download Play”
  4. Press START to exit, power off your console and reinsert your SD Card into your PC
  5. Copy 484E4441.bin from the root of your SD Card to somewhere you can remember (for example your desktop)
  6. Open this website and input the info required in the corresponding fields (inputting an email is not required)
    • Upload the 484E4441.bin file to the DSiBin field
    • Upload the movable.sed you used for steelminer to the MovableSed field
  7. Press “Build” and wait a bit for the process to complete
  8. Under build history search your username and click on the latest build
  9. Download 484E4441.bin.patched_username with your username on it. If it is not your username it is not your file
  10. Rename 484E4441.bin.patched_username to 484E4441.bin.patched
  11. Copy 484E4441.bin.patched to the root of your SD Card

Section III: Launching b9sTool

  • Reinsert the SD Card into the 3DS and power it on
  • Launch Frogtool.3dsx from the Homebrew Launcher
  • Select “IMPORT patched DS Download Play”
  • Tap the touch screen to continue, then select “Boot patched DS Download Play”
  • Complete the initial setup by choosing the left option when applicable until you reach this screen

  • Tap the left large box, then tap the box with the SD Card icon
  • Tap the face, then tap the bottom right button to continue
  • Tap the frog icon on the bottom left then tap the second button on top with the film icon
  • Use the touch screen to scroll and highlight frame 3/3 on the film reel
  • Tap the third box with the letter A, scroll back and tap frame 1/3, then tap the fourth box with the letter A. This should launch b9sTool.
  • If b9sTool launches but an “A9LH dectected! Brick avoided!!” error occurs, please follow Point A from this guide.
  • Select “Install boot9strap” and confirm with START & SELECT
  • Wait for it to say “Done!” Exit b9sTool and power off your 3DS
  • You may need to force power off by holding the power button
  • Power on your 3DS to launch the Luma3DS configuration menu
  • If your 3ds boots normally to the HOME Menu then boot9strap did not install correctly, please follow Point B from this guide.
  • Use the (A) button and the D-pad to enable “Show Nand or user string in System Settings”
  • Press START to save and reboot

What can you do after getting 3DS CFW on 11.8 consoles?

Things you can do on 3DS CFW installed 11.8 firmware consoles. Here’s a list to check.

  1. You can use “ROM hacks” for games
  2. Take gameplay and application screenshots
  3. It supports backup, edits, and restores save for many games
  4. Install homebrew titles to your system, and have them appear on your HOME Menu
  5. Dump your game cards to a format you can install, and play them without needing the card
  6. Customize your HOME Menu with user-created themes and splash screens
  7. New 3DS or New 2DS only: stream live gameplay to your PC wirelessly with NTR CFW

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