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What’s Stargate 3ds v2.0, a new version Stargate or a new firmware?

Stargate 3ds v2.0, if you have seen it online but can’t get any further news from the official site, don’t worry, we will explain to you here. Yes, Stargate 3ds v2.0 will come and has been planned and will be updated on the Stargate-3ds site soon. But this is not a new Stargate 3ds flashcard. To all customers, your Stargate 3ds won’t be outdated or replaced by a new version. Then, what’s the Stargate 3ds v2.0?

Stargate 3DS V2.0

stargate 3ds v2.0

As one of the official American distributors of Stargate 3ds, as long as we see the “stargate 3ds v2.0 rumor” online, we have contacted and e-mailed to the official site to asking for a response. So now, we can tell you that Stargate 3ds v2.0 is not a new flashcard, it just means another firmware released by the stargate 3ds website. All the current 3ds stargate comes with v1.0 firmware, but very soon, firmware v2.0 will come.

  • Download link: It’s not available for now, once it’s out, you can download Stargate 3ds v2.0 firmware from here.
  • User guide of V2.0: The current official manual is for Stargate 3ds with v1.0 firmware, but we believe the next Stargate 3ds firmware v2.0 tutorial can be found here too.

When will it come and any new features?

The new firmware for StargGate 3ds card is set to be released within the following days or weeks. The official site doesn’t tell us the exact launching date but says it will come soon. So we think that Stargate 3ds v2.0 can be here in this month. Any new features of the Stargate 3ds v2.0 be leaked? Presently no. But from the old announcements of 3ds stargate site, we can infer that the new Stargate 3ds v2.0 may include the following new functions.

  1. Bypass Anti-piracy check: A handful of newest games (Pokemon Sun and Moon) are not yet compatible, this will also be fixed in an incoming update.
  2. Support SNES or GBA games: SNES emulator and a few more updates made in house by Stargate team are in the works and coming in a future update.
  3. Solve incompatibility to CFWs: It supports Ntrboothax/magnethax. However, due to the numerous CFW available, the 3ds flashcard isn’t 100% compatibility with all of them.  This should be resolved with adding better compatibility with the numerous CFW in the next firmware updates. 

Can Stargate 3ds v2.0 support CFW, Region Free or Cheats?

StarGate 3ds v1.0 firmware is not compatible with CFW, can’t be region free and doesn’t support cheats code. However, how about the V2.0 Stargate 3ds? Our answer is it’s possible for Stargate 3ds flashcard supporting CFW and game Cheats but it never be region free with any future firmware version. Why?

  • About region free: This is impossible for the Stargate 3ds flashcart, because it’s working through emulating the retail 3ds game cartridge. When you use the 3ds card to play games on the 3DS console, it is region free and can’t be solved.
  • About 3ds cfw: Users of Stargate 3ds meet some troubles when use the flash card on a CFW installed 3DS console, then report it to the official site. So from the early days, the official team already knew this problem and was considering to resolve it.
  • About cheat code: In DS mode, 3ds stargate is almost identical to the R4i menu system. Since we can put cheats to the R4 card, we will able to add cheat codes to the Stargate 3ds card too. 

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