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[Video]First Test on Xecuter SX Pro and Formal Shipping Notice

On today, 3DS-Flashcard gets Xecuter SX Pro in stock formally, we does a test on it with our Nintendo Switch V5.1.0 console, it is working but we still need the Activation Software from TX to boot SX OS CFW, now, go with our this post to experience the First Test on Xecuter SX Pro. By the way, SX Pro shipping just begins from now on, we still have much SX Pro in stock, catch your time to get the First Batch of SX Pros.

First Experience on using Xecuter SX Pro

What do we get for a SX Pro Kit?

xecuter sx pro

  • A jig, which is small and light.
  • A USB Dongle, no need to charge in the first time.
  • A USB cable, which is used for updating SX Pro firmware or charging it.

How we setup SX Pro on the Nintendo Switch V5.1.0?

  • Prepare the microSD card, Switch games is always big, you would better choose a 64, 128 or 256gb microsd card.
  • Insert SX Pro dongle and tool into your Nintendo Switch.
  • The dongle goes in the charger port, the tool in the right joycon rail.
  • Hold volume-up and press the power button, then we see it.

  • After contacts the Team Xecuter, they will release the activation software later in the next week, then we can download the OS to the Switch sd card, so the SX OS CFW can be successfuly installed on the Nintendo Switch console.

Feeling after the First Test on Xecuter SX Pro

Pros Cons
  • Include everything you need for hacking Switch.
  • Reasonable price.
  • Easy to setup and play Switch game backups.
  • Compatible with all Switch games not eshop titles.
  • Compatible with all Switch firmware versions.
  • Compatible with any EU / US / JAP region model.
  • Selecting games in real time.
  • SX Pro activation software isn’t released yet.
  • Can’t play online.
  • Wifi should be turn off in order to avoid ban.

When to ship you the SX Pro and are you our First Batch order customer? will deliver the first batch Modchips to players, we have received the Xecuter SX Pro and OS from Team Xecuter, and Nintendo Switch Xecuter SX Pro is in stock today on 15 June at has just been delivered the first units of the SX Pro Switch and ready to honor all pre-orders, those passed earlier will of course be sent to priority.

About the delivery time:

Also, depending on your chosen Shipment, you may get the SX Pro in different time. Please remember, the fastest carrier is Express shipment, then the local carrier USPS/LA POSTE/GLS, the slowest one is the Free shipping.

  • Free Shipping/Express Shipment: Those orders will be shipped out starting from 16th June, but due to the weekend, you may see shipping status update online after this 20th.
  • USPS: On the same day 16th, we will send SX Pro to our American stock, it maybe arrive in USA in the next week(19th to 24th), then we can send you SX Pro from USA directly with delivery time(2 to 5 business days). 
  • EU Shipping: Then on the 19th, we will send SX Pro to our French stock, it will take a longer time for delivering to France, your SX Pro order with GLS/LA Poste shipment should be send from FR directly in the early days of July. In the end, you will receive them from France between 5th July to 10th July.
Shipment Shipping date( weekend day delay) Delivery date
Free Shipping 16-19th June  between early July – mid-July
DHL 16-19th June 21th-23th June
USPS 16-19th June 21th-25th June
LA POSTE 16-19th June 5th July-10th July
GLS 16-19th June 5th July-13th July

Why to choose for buying Xecuter SX Pro?

As for the official reseller from Team Xecuter, you can get the best service at our site:

  • Genuine Nintendo Switch SX from Team Xecuter, this Nintendo modchip will be 100% from the official site, if it’s not working or a fake one, we provide a full refund or free exchange.
  • Multiple Shipments, we support free shipping to any country in the world, you can buy Team Xecuter’s SX card from us with totally free shipping, we will give you a tracking number on free shipping order too. You also can choose local shipments such as USPS, LA POSTE, GLS and express carrier DHL, EMS, Fedex in our site for our different shipping need.
  • Safe Payment, you are allowing to buy SX with Paypal or Credit Card payment, which is a customer-friendly payment method and you are no need to input credit card information on our site. 

So do not hesitate to buy your Xecuter SX Pro at and contact us by email at [email protected] if you have any questions.

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