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Update&News: TX modchip for Switch delayed but Stargate 3ds updated

Here to show you the latest update about modchip or flashcard from Xecuter Team for hacking Nintendo Switch and the Stargate 3ds which pirates 3DS&DS games for any 3DS system handheld! They are both releasing news within the Chinese New Year.

Switch flashcard from TX

Nintendo Switch modchip

It’s their second announcement about a flashcard for hacking Nintendo Switch, but it’s not a good news, the official team says that production and development of TX Switch modchip isdelyed due to some reliability issues.

It is being delayed because the early prototype boards they have received from their Manufacturer in China seems to have reliability issues (the reliability issue seems to be in the exploit itself, not necessarily in the quality build of the boards). This means team Xecuter needs to go back to the drawing board a bit before they can start mass producing and sell their hardware mod.

TX Switch Mod News Status Update

Categories: Featured Articles. posted on Feb 15, 2018

As we receive tons of email asking us for more info and release date, here is a quick update on our product status.

After a few days delay due to Chinese New Year, we have finally received our prototype boards, as can be expected from any development cycle, we have experienced a few issues with reliability of our entry point, we will work on refining our method and keep you posted, stay tuned for more exciting news and videos in the coming weeks.

We are sorry for the delay, but we are also sure all Switch owners will be delighted by our product. It is worth the wait!

But don’t worry, now we can’t get a flashcard to use for Nintendo Switch, the homebrew launcher for Nintendo Switch has been already released to the public by Developer Pluuto. You can google online by yourself, though you can’t play free Switch games, you can play the old games via homebrewing your Switch gaming machine.

Stargate 3ds for jailbreaking 3DS

stargtae 3ds free ds 3ds games

The Stargate 3ds is a flashcart for jailbreaking the 3DS console. It is already out and has been used for some months. This 3ds flashcard is famous for playing both 3DS and NDS games on any firmware version and all 3DS/NEW 3DS/2DS/NEW 2DS XL devices. At the same time, Stargate 3ds is the Unique flashcard supports 3DS/DS game hacking.

Also, within the past 3 weeks, it has another update on the official site. That is they are finally releasing the official tutorial for using Stargate 3ds on your 3DS firmware console to play free DS or 3DS games.

  • You can view the Stargate 3ds V1.0 user manual from here:
  • You can buy the cheap Stargate 3ds from USA and EU from here:

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