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[TUTO] SX Pro – SX OS: Using Team Xecuter Dongle

The hardware solution of Team Xecuter, since their announcement on the Web, arouses interest and many questions.

A first release concerned their CFW SX OS with which you will need to acquire a license. And the Dongle is coming soon to the resellers / distributors. A complete hardware that includes a Dongle, a JIG and the same condition of license.


This tutorial is based on the documentation of Team Xecuter and the many underground searches. Neither GamerGen nor the author of this topic will be held responsible for any damage or mishandling on your part. Remember to make a backup of your data before you start.

To be clear and respect the charter of the forum GamerGen, no game link will be filled or referenced through this topic. And those that will appear will be automatically deleted. We do not support piracy!

The risk of ban is real and it is advisable not to use the internet. The airplane mode is recommended as soon as the Dongle and the CFW are used, whether to activate the license or the use of the games. Online mode is to be avoided! As for the update of the games, it is operational but at your own risk.

And to conclude, even if you reboot your console without using the Dongle and SX OS at the end, nothing guarantees that Nintendo can not get or see your previous use. There is a trace of the data kept in memory and no way to guard against it.


- A Switch 1.0.0 to 5.1.0

Note: All firmware are supported until a new console model arrives with a new SoC.The Mariko project is in the bins. No official release.

- The SX Pro Dongle

- The JIG

- A microSD card (64GB large capacity)

NB: The format:

- From version 1.0.0 to 4.x.x, it will be a FAT32 format and you will need to splitter the games.

- Beyond version 4.x.x, the exFat format is supported

- A PC

- USB A to USB C cable

NB: only if you do not use the SX Pro Dongle

- Your game backups in XCi format

NB: It’s up to you to find them!

The tools

- A license

NB: through this tutorial, it is recommended to activate it via your PC and not your console


- The SX Loader

NB: Only if you do not use SX Pro

- TegraRCMGui

NB: This handy tool is used if you do not have the Dongle SX Pro but only the CFW. Either the .msi version that will allow you to install it on your PC (more comfortable), or the portable version in .zip

FAQ and useful information

SX OS options

This tab will allow you to:

- Install AutoRCM: Allows to install the AutoRCM mode

NB: This process changes the NAND. One more reason not to use online!

- Uninstall AutoRCM: Uninstall the AutoRCM mode

- Launch external payload: Allows to install other payloads

Can I remove the Dongle and the JiG?

Once the RCM mode is done when the Switch is started and the CFW SX OS is launched, the Dongle and JiG (or any other driver) can be removed. It will be enough to repeat the operation each time the console is restarted. Standby mode does not disable the process.

Do I have to update my console?

You are the only judge of what you want! The counselors are not payers!

Just know that:

- From version 1.0.0 to 3.0.2 (unless you make a mistake), the Coldboot Fault is real and will be easier to use if your long-term use is to wait for the SciresM developer’s atmosphere-nx CFW.

- From version 4.0.1 to 5.1.0, you have to go through the Fusée gelée (or TegraRCM) hardware flaw that will launch the RCM mode of the console to exploit the hack. So if you bought a license and you still use the SX Pro and SX OS, then the question should not arise in principle!

Will the SX Pro Dongle still be operational?

The hardware flaw frozen rocket will still be operational whatever the firmware. The only thing that will prevent the Dongle from being used is if Nintendo offers a new model of its Switch with a new SoC. The firm already has plans to modify its precious with a material modification. His name Mariko but no official release when making this tutorial.

And finally, it will also depend on the updates that Team Xecuter will propose, in time, for its CFW SX OS but as long as their last version is operational, the Dongle will work. It will be just a matter of knowing if the last proposed functions will be integrated/followed or not

Can I update my Switch games?

As indicated at the beginning of the tutorial, the games update is operational. However, this will be at your own risk so there is no guarantee that Nintendo is not looking at what you are doing.

To put the odds on your side, this is what is recommended (but it does not remove the risk):

  1. Turn off your console
  2.  Remove microSD Card and Dongle

NB: Make sure you do not install the autoRCM mode!

     3. On the left Joycon, make – (minus) on the game icon

4. Update the game

So, you do this update in OFW.

My microSD card (exFat) does not display anything on the HBL

This is due to exFat archiving managed by Windows. To solve this problem if you are concerned, here is a solution:

          1. Select all the folders/files on your microSD card

2. Right click

3. Choose Properties

4. Click Advanced

5. Uncheck The folder is ready to be archived

6. Apply to all folders, folders, and files

This manipulation should solve your problem.

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