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The Best 3 ways to hack Nintendo Switch V5.1.0

From the launch of Nintendo Switch, about two years ago, as everyone knows, the Switch is the best selling console on the video game market. As for this popular console, which attracted the interesting hacker, then it is finally cracked by Team Xecuter who announced the products of the hack, Xecuter SX Pro and Xecute SX OS. Although there are several ways to crack the Switch, today I present you three methods, you could choose one of them that you prefer.

The news of Nintendo Switch 5.1.0

Nintendo has released Nintendo Switch update 5.1.0 which once again improves the system’s general stability.

Like previous firmware updates for Nintendo’s hybrid platform, release notes are minimal and only mention the above. According to Nintendo, this stability improvement enhances the “user’s experience”.

What the software update exactly does is unknown at this point, and Nintendo appears to be following Sony’s‘stability’ approach when it comes to firmware updates.

Will we upgrade the Switch to V5.1?

Will the players upgrade the Switch firmware to V5.1.0 ? Yes, you can choose to update your firmware, or you can stay with a version before 5.1. For players who want to crack Nintendo Switch firmware with an Xecuter SX, you can upgrade your system without hesitation. If you are an advanced player and want to pirate the switch with a custom exploit or firmware, then you must remain your switch firmware and then wait for the hackers.

The best 3 methods to hack Nintendo Switch 5.1.0

The first one: Xecuter SX pro

The SX Pro consists of three parts: a USB-C dongle, a boot-up tool, and the SX OS (which you must download from their website. They also offer the SX OS for sale independently to folks who choose to use their own solution for hacking their Switch. including the latest version 5.1.0. Plus, it also supports all downloaded games from different regions, ie it’s an off-region stuff like the Switch console itself. And then, thanks to the update of SX OS V1.3, we can also play eshop games in a NSP format for now. Another superiority of this trick is its simple and convenient use, it is not necessary for you to prepare other additional tools. Despite being a beginner, there is no problem using it easily. 

  1. At first, we need to prepare a Micro SD card to put the Nintendo Switch ROM, now the players can download Switch ROMs from And the Switch game ROM is pretty large, so you can take a SD card from 32GB to 128GB.
  2. Then, you can insert the SX Pro Dongle and Tool to the Nintendo Switch console.
  3. The dongle goes in the charger port, the tool in the right joycon rail.
  4. Hold volume-up and press the power button, then we see boot.dat on the screen of your Switch console.
  5. Activate your SX OS License to enjoy all games and homebrews freely.

The second way is Xecuter SX OS

In fact, Xecuter SX OS is an important part of Xecuter SX Pro, it is a license of the software of this CFW, it is also a key to enable the efficient functions of SX Family. Regarding this product, if you have ordered from an online seller, it is not necessary to ship it, you can receive the code of the license by an email sent by the seller. This is also one of the advantages to avoid the risk of out of stock. You will not wait too long because it is not a physical product. Yet it is more difficult to use than Xecuter SX Pro. You will need to prepare the necessary tools and files ahead, and then only according to the notice on the official website, you could simply crack your Nintendo Switch without any worries.

The third way is A free CFW Atmosphere

Custom firmware, if you’ve never heard the term before, is essentially a series of patches that are applied to the original firmware on boot. It can also refer to an entirely new firmware in some cases, but in most cases it’s simply a modified original firmware.

 That means it will be available from when you boot the device. CFW could enable many things such as custom themes, installable apps/games/homebrew, patches to the firmware to remove restrictions, enable pirated games, enable from translations, potentially add folders, allow for overclocking, emunand, etc. HBL allows for us to run homebrew apps and games. That means we can run emulators, original games, home-made apps like a youtube frontend (eventually lol), save managers, etc. These apps can’t be installed to the console and must be accessed through the WebKit vuln every reboot. Generally, HBL-style hacks allow us to run our own content whereas CFW allows us to run that and alter the underlying OS.


All three methods presented above are possible to help you crack your Nintendo Switch console. Whichever way you would like to choose, there is not a limited way for you to enjoy features you have never encountered before. In addition to the three ways to crack the Switch, remember that there is also another product not bad that is also designed for Nintendo Switch. The name is Amiiqo or N2 Elite, he is an emulator of Amiibo. But please note that this is not a product to crack the Switch, it is impossible to play free games on your console with Amiiqo, it is only a tool to crack Amiibo. By using an N2 Elite, you could simply collect more than 200 fuguries from the roles in the Nintendo games, this is really a saved choice for players who prefer to collect the roles of the games.

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