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Which site ships SX Pro/Xecuter SX Pro from USA in 2019?

2019 Chinese New Year is coming, with so many SX Pro resellers based upcon China, which sites can send you Xecuter SX Pro from USA directly? Here, I will list you all sites support shipping SX Pro from America, so you have no need to wait for SX Pro Chinese resellers to ship orders out after their long New Year Holiday(Around ... Read More »

AceNS for Switch released, what is it and is it better to buy than SX Pro?

The ACE team announced their new AceNS flashcard, which allows you to inject the payloads into your Switch console and enjoy the games in NSP format. We can say that it is an effective linker for the Switch console. AceNS for Switch released, what is it and is it better to buy than Xecuter SX Pro? Following us, we will give you ... Read More »

How to play free Nintendo Switch games on PC, Android and Switch?

How to hack Nintendo Switch has been a hot topic on the market, with the development of hack technology, we can completely crack the Switch by Xecuter SX Pro and SX OS to launch the free games on the console. Can  we play free Nintendo Switch games on PC, Android and Switch? How to do it? Following us, we will show the ... Read More »

Nintendo switch emulatator VS SX Pro, which supports free games on Switch?

As a reliable video game fan, there is no one who is not passionate about Nintendo Switch, the latest Nintendo console. With the success of E3 in 2018, more and more games for the Switch would come soon. On the other hand, thanks to the launch of Xecuter SX Pro and SX OS, we can even play free games on ... Read More »

Warioware gold released, which card support it on 3DS 11.8 and Switch 5.1?

Warioware gold 3DS finally released, not with the game cartridge, you can still play this game on the Nintendo 3DS V11.8 console. The only thing you need is a flashcard. But which is the 3ds flashcard support playing free Warioware gold and can it also be used on Nintendo Switch V5.1? Here let me give you more details. Which flashcard ... Read More »

How to play free Switch and eshop games with a sd card and a SX Pro?

Yes, on your Nintendo Switch, you can play free Switch and eshop games with only a sd card and a SX Pro. The sd card is your Switch sd card, while the SX Pro is a very speical hacking kit for your Nintendo Switch. What is that? and how to use it to play free Switch and eshop games, in ... Read More »

SX Pro, the steps to run into RCM mode and SX OS V1.4 news

Now the Nintendo Switch console is hacked, so you can play Switch games for free with a Xecuter SX Pro or OS, and you can install a homebrew launcher to run software, tools. And some players also complaint on RCM mode, and don’t know what’s the steps to run RCM mode. On this article, we will show the information of ... Read More »

SX OS version has been updated to V1.4

Today, Team Xecuter has updated the SX OS to V1.4, some new changes have been updated, and the official site also displays some FAQS about the update of SX OS V1.4. So, on this article, we will give you the detailed information of SX OS 1.4 .  What’s the integrated NSP installer? New is an integrated NSP installer, so that you ... Read More »

The Best 3 ways to hack Nintendo Switch V5.1.0

From the launch of Nintendo Switch, about two years ago, as everyone knows, the Switch is the best selling console on the video game market. As for this popular console, which attracted the interesting hacker, then it is finally cracked by Team Xecuter who announced the products of the hack, Xecuter SX Pro and Xecute SX OS. Although there are ... Read More »

N2 elite: Is it the best Nintendo Modchip to buy, better than the Xecuter SX?

N2 Elite, also called amiiqo that is a product and is an NFC emulator that can collect free Amiibo action figures. Today, Team N2 Elite brings us a new evolution: a new system of cheating. What’s up ? You can find the answer here. What is an Amiibo? To enrich his market on video games, he launched a “video toy” ... Read More »

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