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SX OS v1.3 released with so many news!

The Xecuter team has released version 1.3 of its current product, SX OS, the temporary modification that allows you to start backups on all Nintendo Switch consoles.

The team seems to have accepted the incredible amount of requests to remove the brick code from its program, recognizing its existence.


In addition to this, version 1.3 finally is able to start NSP backups, which are nothing more than eShop titles, many of which will never be available as a cartridge, and therefore not removable directly in XCI format (to convert from NSP to XCI we have not arrived yet, but this changes everything).

Another useful code already published in the version edited by Ctaer of Hekate, as the fix of the battery problem, has been absorbed within SX OS.

Following, the official statement translated:

We’re back again with an exciting update for SX OS. But let’s leave the drama and move on to the list of news:

* Added support to LayeredFS

Are you excited about the idea of mods for the Switch games that are coming? Well, we are too! To support this enthusiasm we have added what is commonly called “LayeredFS support”.

In short what this allows is to overwrite some specific files of a game with modified copies that are loaded directly from the (ex) FAT partition of the microSD.

Place your edited files in one of these folders in the root of the microSD:

- /sxos / titles / <titleid> / exefs /

- /sxos / titles / <titleid> / romfs /

We are impatient to see the fantastic changes that will be created by the community!

* Added support for NSP titles (eShop)

This adds support for the installation and startup of games in NSP format. This feature is still a bit rough and is only recommended for advanced users. To install NSP files, an official copy of DevMenu is required, which can be started using LayeredFS.

We are still working to add a custom NSP installer [different from the official Nintendo] and simple to use, integrated into our system menu. Stay tuned!

ATTENTION: We do not recommend the online use of NSP eShop games without a valid ticket, because it will surely lead to a console BAN.

* Added the battery problem fix at startup

Some users have had trouble detecting battery power after using the custom payload that loaded Linux for Switch. This fixes the “battery desync” problem every time you start the Switch. If you’ve never used Linux on Switch, there’s nothing to worry about.

Have fun with the penguins and Horizon OS! : Wink:

* Hiding the temporary OSX files in the game selection menu

If you had the problem of the fake entry in the game selection menu, the cause is easily the fact that you use OSX (and the Finder). We simply hidden these files from the selection menu. It’s all OK!

* Removed the password lock of the eMMC

It seems that the perfectly safe and easily annullable challenge that we have placed [in SX OS] for would-be hackers has been misunderstood and [that fear] has taken on exaggerated proportions.

We have seen several false statements on the internet and to avoid any other false accusation and “fake news” we have echoed to get rid of it. Namaste.

That’s all for today! We’ll be back soon. The Xecuter Team does not take breaks. While others moan on social media we work day and night to make you have the best experience on Nintendo Switch.

It seems therefore that the Xecuter Team has officially taken a step back on the dangerous anti-tampering protection of their SX OS. This is certainly good news for any user who already has SX OS and also for those who may have stayed away from using it pending further clarification (or alternatives) about it.

Attention: To update from a version before 1.3 it is sufficient to insert the new boot.dat in the microSD, replacing the one already present.

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