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SX OS 2.2.1 released for hacking Nintendo Switch V6.1.0

SX OS CFW has updated at today, SX OS 2.2.1 beta released, So, What’s the content of SX OS 2.2.1? it’s known Nintendo Switch 6.1.0 also came out, can SX OS 2.2.1 work on it? Should we updated SX OS 2.2.1? On the below, we will show the answers to you.

sx os 2.2.1 beta

What’s news of SX OS 2.2.1 BETA?

This update addresses some of the excellent feedback we’ve had following our v2.2 beta release. We can’t thank the community enough for continuously identifying small issues and notifying us about them. Keep the feedback coming!

Now without further ado, lets have a look at the list of changes:

  • Support for *big* USB drives

In our last announcement we bragged that you were able to enjoy TERABYTES of content, which was technically correct.. but in practice you were still limited to USB drives with a capacity up to 2TB. This is now a limitation of the past, as you are now able to use storage devices with a capacity of up to a PETABYTE!

  • Fix USB disk directory scanning

Due to a small bug in 2.2 beta the subdirectories on your USB disk weren’t being properly scanned for content. This has been fixed and you can now rely on the same subfolder structure as on your microSD card.

  • Fix USB ethernet and keyboard support

The introduction of our USB disk support apparently broke support for existing USB peripherals that were supported by Nintendo’s firmware. Fixed!

  • Add USB drive write support

We have enabled write support for USB drives. In practice for SX OS this means that NSP files can now actually be deleted after installation. But this also serves a greater purpose.. keep reading!

  • Eject gamecard on USB eject

When you disconnect a USB disk while in the main menu the (emulated) Game Card will actually be ejected now. A small detail, but a nice addition nonetheless.

  • Improved LayeredFS support

LayeredFS suffered from incompatibilities with certain games, this has been addressed and fixed. If you find any more problem titles, let us know!

  • Add support for temporarily disabling LayeredFS by pressing X while launching game/application

If you want to skip loading your LayeredFS patches you can now hold the X key while launching a game/application. The game/app will start normally without any patches applied.

  • Further improvements to overall system stability..

.. and other minor adjustments to enhance the user experience. You know the drill!

Last but not least, we have some cool news for homebrew devs. We are releasing a little library called `libusbfs` that allows your homebrew to interface with USB disks very easily. You can find the latest library code on our website in the downloads section! We are looking forward to popular homebrew apps adapting support for USB storage.

That’s all we have today. We get many questions daily about supporting “patched” switch consoles. We are working hard on a solution. Stay tuned, friends!

Should we update to SX OS 2.2.1?

It’s good to see SX OS 2.2.1 now lets you disable LayeredFS. Obviously TX has been working hard to fix incompatibility issues, but it’s hard to prepare for every possible scenario, so, it’s a good precaution to have.

Besides, now we can play Zelda as Bowsette without being stuck with her Or try out the durability fixes knowing that we can always go back to normal gameplay (walking around with a bomb in your hand and throwing it the second something gets in range, then smacking any surviving mobs with an Iron Sledgehammer, since those things are laying around everywhere) if we find the fixes too overpowered. Honestly, infinite is blatant cheating, but 10x seems natural enough.

And it’s good to see that USB drives can use folders now. Team Xecuter has been thinking about getting it a nice big dedicated drive like we have for other consoles, but some one really didn’t like the idea of having to put everything in the root. And the library for homebrew seems useful too. Especially considering how big a full MAME ROM set with all CHDs is. Not to mention some retro ISO sets. Retroarch fork when?

Very nice fixes. Maybe not as exciting as adding a big new feature, but fixing bugs and improving existing features is just as important, if not more important in many respects. Keep up the good work.

SX OS 2.2.1

Can SX OS v2.2.1 work with Nintendo Switch v6.1.0 ?

In the announcement of the TX team, he did not talk about this topic but it seems that the answer is yes, because even if the last SX OS v2.2 beta was functional on the Switch v6.1, read the confirmations playus:

Updated 6.1 done, SX os works perfectly with .xci

Still no ban when we return to ofw, and this since the very beginning that we have sx os. we play our games in ofw. We have never installed nsp or d homebrew, only xci.

  • Update performed in OTA despite the ban
  • Update JoyCon Perform
  • For now no worries
  • There would be some concerns about some NSP games.

There is no need for compatibility, and SX OS v2.2.1 has solved the problem of some NSP games. As a result, the SX OS v2.2.1 runs on Nintendo Switch v6.1.0.

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