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SX OS 2.0 FAQ, What’s the Emunand, how and why to install it to Nintendo Switch?

Recent days, Team Xecuter released SX OS 2.0, the big reform really can share with Nintendo Switch Hacking fans and players, So, what’s the detailed news of SX OS 2.0? How to install EmuNAND with SX OS 2.0 on your Nintendo Switch? On the below, we will show the news and answers. 

What’s EmuNAND to the SX OS for the Nintendo Switch?

Team Xecuter has announced the release of version 2.0 of the SX OS for Nintendo Switch whose great novelty is the EmuNAND function, a similar feature to the Nintendo 3DS view although on this occasion we are technically ahead of the possibility of a dual boot. The team states that this is the largest and most important update that has received its “operating system”, which will continue to work to improve and add more features.

Like Nintendo 3DS, Nintendo Switch uses a NAND flash memory to store system software and saved games among other data. With the EmuNAND Team Xecuter offers the option to make a copy of the NAND to run from it the SX OS, allowing the Nintendo Switch to keep in the NAND a previous firmware while using one of the most recent in the duplicated part. However, it must be borne in mind that the SX OS EmuNAND is within a partition of the original NAND, so if the Nintendo Switch is connected to the Internet, the suspension of the console could be immediate.

With this function Nintendo Switch can maintain firmware 5.0 (or any other) in the NAND and upload the EmuNAND up to 6.0 (currently the most recent) to run the software that requires the latest version of the operating system. This is a particularly useful feature if we consider that when we talk about breaking the security of a console when the operating system is older. By default, whenever there is a valid EmuNAND the SX OS will boot from it.

Other new features or improvements to the SX OS 2.0 update include the operation of the LayeredFS module in firmware 6.0 and support for the NSP file system (the ones already signed that are installed in the internal memory of the console). You will find more information in the Scene Scene of Nintendo Switch.

How to install EmuNAND with SX OS 2.0 on your Nintendo Switch?

here are the steps:

- boot0 is unmodified
- boot1 is modified with EMUNAND0 tacked at the end (some unused area)

- All partition locations / sizes are UNMODIFIED
- Everything is unmodified except for the USER partition, in which a few new files have been created (called NAND01.bin, NAND02.bin and so on)

That means NO resizing has taken place. Only new files have been created, like regular Nintendo OS would do.

So from what we can conclude so far: OFW mode is actually perfectly safe. Nintendo would need to actively start detecting the EMUNAND0 magic in boot1 or start to detect the new files, which would be hilarious if they would start to do so. This detectable point is actually moot, because with EmuNAND stored on the microSD, Nintendo would be able to detect it too if they actively start to do so.

The resized partition claims that everyone has been spouting are bullshit.

Ok so now lets take a look from what exactly is in these NAND bin files?

As it turns out, it mimics the layout of the Switch eMMC but inside the NAND files! It’s layout it split into multiple NAND bin file parts.

Here’s what I found out :
- boot0 in emunand is 100% exactly the sameas the real one
- boot1 in emunand is 100% the sameas the real one (without the EMUNAND0 magic)
- GPT in emunand is SAMEas real one
- All partitions are the SAME exceptthe USER partition.

So far everything is the same, and now here comes the difference: The emunand USER partition volume size is 15GB. smaller than the real one.
That’s it. That’s the only difference.

The concept of emuNAND was invented to limit the risks inherent in hacking when using a CFW. The principle is simple: it is to virtualize (or emulate) a NAND that will be dedicated to the operating system of the custom firmware (CFW).

Specifically, when you switch on your Switch, either by booting on the OFW (official firmware) or the CFW, the firmware indicates to the operating system where the physical memory dedicated to it is located, in this case in the embedded flash memory (eMMC). That is, when the operating system wants to write to the memory of your Switch (to install a game for example), the firmware redirects all data to the eMMC (onboard memory) memory.

So much for normal operation. Now imagine that the CFW, rather than direct the data to the eMMC (embedded) memory, chooses to redirect it to the memory MMC (SD), it would be rather convenient you do not find?

Well that’s the emuNAND. So you end up with two NAND! The first, the sysNAND is the available memory when you launch the console in OFW, the second, the emuNAND is reserved for the use of a CFW:

Why should we install emuNAND on our Switch?

This allows you to mess with the Horizon OS (That’s the name of the Switch operating system), replace files, anything you’d like. We can already do this today. However, having an EmuNAND allows you to e.g. have a Custom Firmware installed along-side an unmodified stock OS. This lets you enjoy e.g. online play on the unmodified version, while you can do whatever you like (illegal or not) on the EmuNAND’d version.

The unmodified stock OS will be none the wiser of these changes. And as there’s no change, there’s no way for Nintendo to detect you.

FAQ about SX OS 2.0

Q: Is the version of the virtual system made the same as the version of the original system?

A: Yes, it’s the same, even the version number is no different. 3DS has a “EMU” prefix to indicate that the version number is virtual. Going back, you need to activate the system on TX OS.

Q: About Nand: Will the nand space be the space of the built-in “hard disk” of the ns machine?

A: Yes.

Q: What’s the advantage of emuNAND?

A: Real system play genuine play online, the Nintendo cannot find the NSP in the virtual system, in theory, they will not BAN you.

Q: But if the switch updated successfully, and burnt a new fuse, what does that mean for the SX OS emuNAND? Does SXOS magically boot no matter what fuse configuration you have or would that stop working and need an update?

A: EmuNand doesn’t check burn fuses.


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