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SX Gear VS SX Tools, which is better to buy and use for installing SX OS?

2 new “SX’ products are announced by Team Xecuter for installing SX OS in this week, they are the SX Gear and the SX Tools app. What are their differences? Which one is better to buy for installing SX OS CFW? and How to use them on our Switch consoles? This post is about the 3 questions.

Team Xecuter: SX Gear and SX Tools

SX Gear, in fact, it can’t be regarded as a new product, because it is the SX Pro copy version, the only difference between them is that, the SX Gear dongle has no built-in OS license code. That’s also the reason why SX Gear is much cheaper than SX Pro and can be used on different Nintendo Switch consoles. Its major function is to boot and load SX OS on Switches in any firmware version. Plus, the TX describes the SX Gear as the “Best SX OS Companion”.

SX Gear is the perfect solution for SX OS owners who want an easy and safe way to boot up Team Xecuter firmware. It can also be use to inject any other payload with a high quality tool kit from the brand you trust: Team Xecuter. SX Gear combine our acclaimed dongle and jig, strong, sturdy, with its unique super-capacitors. Made to last and keep your Switch safe.

SX Tools, it is not a new product too, why? The SX Tools is a free Android app and it’s evolved from the NXloader. That’s to say, the SX tools is not developed by Team Xecuter and it is a software to be run on Android devices not the Switch. It is used for SX OS code users too, with it, the SX OS users who intend to use an Android phone to boot SX OS can use a much easier method than before.

SX Tools is used to launch SX Loader or other Fusée Gelée payloads from stock Android. If you want an easy way to use SX OS and have trouble understanding how to select the payload, then SX Tools is for you. You don’t even need to open the app to use it. Just install it and connect the Switch. Even when the phone is locked, it will work.

SX Gear VS SX Tools, what are the differences and which is better to buy?

SX Gear SX Tools
Attributes A physical product, inclues an Usb dongle and RCM jig A free app, virtual product
Compatibility Work for Nintendo Switch consoles in any firmware version Work for Android phone with OTG compatibility
Availability In September Now
Price $35 Free

Seeing from the above chart, the SX Tools is totally free, so it’s no need for you to buy it, if you have an Android device with OTG compatibility, you can easily use it and an os code to boot SX OS on your Switch to play free games and homebrews. Howevre, if your smartphone is not Android one or doesn’t support OTG, then you have to buy the Xecuter SX Gear to load the SX OS on your Switch console. The SX Gear is also easy to use, plug and play as the SX Pro.

How to use SX Gear or SX Tools for installing SX OS to Switch?

SX Gear setup is the same as the SX Pro, so no need to write it down here, you can just go to the official site to have a check, the only difference is that you are using the sx os code from outside the SX Gear dongle.

How about using the SX Tools in the first time for SX OS booting from the stock Android? Please check our tutorial here for you.


  • A Nintendo Swtich in RCM mode
  • SX Tools
  • A compatible Android phone
  • The boot.dat file of the SX OS, to put at the root of your console microSD
  • The payload SX Loader has put anywhere in your phone, just memorized its location.


1. Install the apk to an OTG capable android phone, download from
2.  Connect the Switch to the phone. For the connection of your phone to the Switch, everything will depend on the model of your phone:

Android Phone with Micro B plug

Android Phone with Type C plug

3. By default, the payload rocket.bin is loaded but go to CONFIG, press SELECT PRIMARY PAYLOAD and look for the payload.bin of the SX Loader placed in your phone. and returned to the LOGS menu. A message will certify you of the new payload select.

Connect your Type-C cable to your Nintendo Switch console in RCM mode and plug the other end into your phone. A message should be displayed as to allow the USB device, just OK. And by magic, the payload will be loaded on your console with the Coldboot of the SX OS at startup.

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