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Sky3ds+ and Gateway 3ds, both supports 3DS Games on 3DS Emunand 11.0.0-33?

Gateway 3ds card is confirmed supporting emunand 11.0.0-33 well by users. Is the best flashcard we should buy for playing 3ds games on 3ds v11.0? Does the Sky3ds+ plus also supports 3ds games on emunand 11.0? Use which flashcard, we can play 3ds games directly on 3ds or 3ds xl 11.0.0-33? Here, your questions will be answered.

Gateway 3ds supports 3ds games on Emunand is the best 3ds 11.0 flashcard?

No, 3ds gateway can't be the best 3ds card for you. Do you notice? It is only supporting 3ds games on emunand 11.0 not the sysnand 11.0, means you can't use this flashcard if your 3ds/new 3ds/2ds console has already be updated to v11.0. Emunand is a virtual 3ds software based on emulating the real 3ds sysnand, gateway 3ds supports launching it on Nintendo 3ds machines, because it can't play 3ds games on the higher 3ds firmware versions, from v9.3 to v11.0. If a 3ds flashcard doesn't have the compatibility for the newest 3ds system version, it can't be called the best one. Though gateway 3ds has many powerful functions(Support Emunand, Region Free, 3DS cheats, .CIA files and so on), it is not supporting one basic thing, 3ds v11.0. So don't recommend it to you.

Sky3ds+ supports 3ds games on 3ds emunand 11.0.0-33?

No, this flashcart is the one you really should buy for playing Free 3DS Games. Why? Sky3ds+ supports 3ds games on 3ds sysnand 11.0 not the virtual emunand 11.0. That's to say, Sky3ds+ can hack 3ds v11.0 directly to play downloaded 3ds roms or 3ds game backups. It does Gateway 3ds and other 3ds flashcards can't do for years. Currently, only sky3ds+ and its old version Sky3ds cards can work on 3ds/new3ds/2ds 11.0.0-33 firmware console directly. Plus, Sky3ds+ supports 3ds games with no limits, updatable firmware, 2 buttons for chanigng 3ds roms and the easiest setup on Nintendo 3ds models. In one word, Sky3ds+ is best 3ds game flashcard to buy in 2016.

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