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Review of EZflash Omega with Kernel 1.02 and Firmware 4.0

EZflash Omega updated once again, this time, the V1.02 kernel and V4.0 firmware is released out. What are the changes? Does the ezflash omega really good to buy for playing GBA games? Here to read the Review of EZflash Omega with Kernel 1.02 and Firmware 4.0.

ezflash omega review

EZflash Omega Kernel and Firmware

Version: Kernel 1.02 and Firmware 4.0


  1. Added auto-match cheat library
  2. Added recent played game list
  3. Fixed a lot of bugs
  4. Improved a lot of things

Download files: Kernel and firmware, Cheat Library, Thumbnails Pack

Review of EZflash Omega


The Ezflash Omega comes in a black box with a transparent plastic insert. This box is the same shape and size as the Ezflash Reform’s but has an Omega logo around the console picture.

Flash cartridge

Ezflash includes a slim GBA cartridge shell that can be exchanged for the standard sized shell that the flash cart’s circuit board ships contained in. There is one phillips screw that holds the cartridge shell together.

The cartridge is a little bit thick and can get hung up when pulling it out of a console but it comes out a bit easier from an original GBA if it is not pushed in all the way and from the Nintendo DS Lite if the full sized shell is used. The back of the cartridge shell has some empty space which I feel should have been filled over with plastic because the lack of material makes it feel cheap. When the PCB is inserted into the smaller plastic shell for use in the DS Lite, it does not have this issue and is very compact. It is very difficult to remove from the DS Lite.


The EZ-Flash Omega is incredibly close to just drag-and-drop. I is simple to set up and use. Game images (ROMs) are copied directly to a MicroSD card and that card is inserted into the Ezflash Reform flash cart. The flash cart does not have a spring loaded MicroSD card slot, but I had no trouble getting it to read memory cards. If it is necessary to update the firmware, ezkernel.bin can be downloaded from and placed in the root of the MicroSD card. Please, reading through the entire EZ-Flash Omega Manual carefully before using the card.


While total time game load varies a little on the speed of your microSD card, whether a save file needs created, and the size of the game itself, the average time for me was in the 3-5 second range even on 32MB games. In comparison, the EZ-Flash 4 and EZ 3-in-1 can take 30 seconds to load 16MB games or over 5 minutes for 32MB games that have to be written to NOR to be used. Afterwards NOR games can be loaded instantly from NOR but with only 32MB of NOR and the slow write speed this obviously discourages frequently loading different games to NOR.


For consoles: Like the Ezflash Reform, the Ezflash Omega is fully compatible with all official Nintendo handhelds and accessories that support the Gameboy Advance video game cartridge slot. This includes the Nintendo GBA, GBA SP, Gameboy Micro, Gamecube Gameboy Player, Nintendo DS, and the Nintendo DS Lite.

For GBA games: All GBA titles were work with the standard PSRAM launch method. A 16Mbit game took 3 seconds to load and a 32Mbit game took 5 seconds. 4Mbit ROMs load within 2 seconds and, over all, most games feel like they load with no delay at all due to these low load times.

For NES and GB/GBC games: This flash cart comes with two built-in emulators. One is PocketNES for Nintendo Entertainment System games and the other is Goomba for Gameboy and Gameboy Color games. While the built-in PocketNES emulator is very decently compatible with many games (but compromising with squished graphics and texts on the lower resolution GBA) with a few games like Punchout not working quite right, Goomba is a little bit more hit and miss.

The latest version of Goomba Color is definitely a significant improvement on games like Shantae, Megaman Xtreme 2, and others with very few graphical glitches or slowdowns. But other games, like Lufia – The Legend Returns have much more in the way of graphical glitches. 

If your focus is on NES, GB, and GBA games, then drag-and-dropping the vast majority of them uncompressed will work near flawlessly. It’s really only Gameboy Color where it’s more hit and miss. I would honestly recommend getting a separate GBC flashcart if you’re interested in Gameboy Color games unless you’re willing to tolerate this.


One awesome feature of this flash cart that you will not find in other flash carts is the real time saving (RTS) feature. This is configured in the third menu by pressing R two times and configuring the “BOOT WITH ADDONS” features. When a game is loaded with “ADDONS”  enabled, it automatically creates an RTS file on the MicroSD card for one save slot for saving anywhere in game.

This feature is hit or miss for games and I found that it made a few games freeze such as Kingdom Hearts but it also can depend on where you save and restore your game at. It did not make the other 32Mb game The Legend of Spyro-The Eternal Night freeze though so it does not matter what size the game is. I managed to get it to work fine with Sonic Adventure 2 and Metal Slug, so it should work fine with most other games.


The save file itself (and Real Time Save (RTS) if selected) are created at game launch in respective \SAVER and \RTS folders and written to as save/RTS is updated File extension are .sav for GBA games, .esv for NES/GB/GBC games, and .rts for GBA real time saves. As noted in the manual, there’s a time delay before saves are fully written to the microSD card and personal experience has had me counting to five before resetting or powering off the system. For NES/GB/GBC games this means first pressing L+R to open up the menu and then counting to five before choosing exit or powering off the system.


A little experimenting with cheat support and it works decently well. I did notice a very slight clickingping sound not unlike other software cheat engines on the GBA. It was only audible while cheats were on and I presume the severity of it will vary by game. It wasn’t at all distracting to me, but it is something to consider.


The real time clock is configurable in the GUI by pressing the R button two times and selecting the first menu option to configure as well as in the two Boktai games. In Pokemon, you configure the RTC one time on the wall of your Pokemon trainer’s bedroom and it does not interfere with the RTC settings of the GUI or other games. To set the clock again in Pokemon, you have to start a new game.


Pros Cons
+ Drag-and-drop games
+ Full GBA game compatibility
+ Very fast game loads
+ Cheat support
+ Built in real time clock (RTC)
+ ExFat support
+ NES/Gameboy Emulation built-in
+ Firmware easy and regular to update
+ Built in lithium ion battery for RTC and saves
-Can be difficult to remove from consoles.
-Non-removable lithium ion battery.
-Currently has an issue with NORFLASH mode not working with original GBA systems.
-exFAT file system is limited to one folder in depth.
Overall The Ezflash Omega is definitely the ultimate and last GBA flash cart you will ever need to own.This flash cart an A+. This score is due to it being a very feature packed flash cart and that it supports RTS (real time saving) and has a very robust RTC (real time clock) which keeps the time independently for each game. This flash cart supports every game that I tried, including Kingdom Hearts and The Legend of Spyro – The Eternal Night which are very large games for the system and I had no problem getting all of the flash cart’s features to work properly after reading the manual (rtfm!) and updating the contents of the MicroSD card.

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