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Buy Best R4 Card For 3DS(XL)/2DS/DSi/DS

R4 3DS XL – the best way to enjoy free ds games on your 3DS XL

R4 3DS XL flashcart (hacking 3DS XL) means play all the ds games on your 3DS XL (include the latest 8.1.0-19 ) with one cartridge.If you are a newbie of Nintendo 3DS XL console,you should read this article to learn how to play free ds games on your 3DS XL.I will open the door of Nintendo 3DS XL’s hacking world.

What’s R4 Card For 3DS XL ?

Since 2007,Nintendo ds,dsi has been cracked,that’s mean users can play games freely,not only the games but also many homebrews,such as music player,e-book reader,msn and so on.So the flashcard come out.Their are many flashcards you can use to play nds games freely.The R4 is the most famous brand.Because most of the flashcard use the R4 Wood Kernel,so the R4 is well known.

This is the most famous flashcard R4i SDHC 3DS RTS  . The Flashcard look like the game cartridge.

It use a micro sd card to save the kernel and games. It’s very easy to use.

How to use R4 card on 3DS XL ?

The R4 Card looks like a Cartridge, so it’s use like a normal game card.Only two steps to use it.

1) Copy the kernel files and rom to the root folder of micro sd card
2) Put the micro sd card into the R4 Card

That’s all. so easy!
Let’s look a movie

Why should I use the R4 3DS XL ?

Their three main reasons to use the R4 Card for 3DS XL,DSi or DS console.

Reason 1:save money

Almost all the Games of Nintendo is a bit expensive.  You must cost at least $10-$50 or more for an game cartridge, only one game for one card.If you want to play more games, you must pay the order.But you can use one r4 card play as many games as you can.You just need download the game roms from the internet.Even more important,it’s all free.

Reason 2: convenience

Think that you kid like 10 games, your family is being a pleasant trip,you must take 10 game cartridge.But If you have the r4 card, you only need one Card for all the games. Even more important it will save you time and space.Because it don’t task you time to find out the game card, now you just need to select it on the 3DS XL.

Reason 3: freedom

It’s hard to read e-books on you 3DS or other software,like calculator,notebooks etc… You can use the R4 card to Achieve functions you want.

Where to buy The R4 Card for 3DS XL ?

the R4 Card for 3DS XL is now only can ben found on the internet.You can buy it directly( Buy R4 3DS XL)The provide original R4 card.Though their many R4 Card you can learn which is the Best one from here:

How many R4 Cards are their ?

Their many R4 cards for 3DS XL,DSi XL,DS console

More R4 Card description

How to play 3DS games on your 3DS with SKY3DS?

What’s 3DS Flash card SKY3DS?

Sky3ds, as a totally new 3ds game supported flash card in the late 2014, is a really meaning 3DS game flashcard,due to its perfect compatibility for 3DS System and 3DS Consoles. It’s really a wonderful 3DS game flashcart. You can use it very easily, no need too much setup.

Sky3ds can support directly on NEW 3DS(XL.LL)Nintendo latest console, 3DS(XL,LL), and 2DS with the latest firmware v9.5.0-23 and all lower versions,not like other flashcarts which have the limitation of the 3DS system version. for example the Gateway 3ds, Sky3ds is one card in the package, no kernel or firmware needed, if you want to play 3ds roms via sky3ds card, just download its Diskwriter tool and template files, flash the 3ds games into micro sd card, insert sky3ds into 3DS/NEW 3DS/2DS slot, finally press the blue button on the card, you can switch the 3DS Games to play one by one.

What’s SKY3DS for 3DS Games?

sky3ds roms

Why choose Sky3ds not the Gateway 3ds for playing free downloded 3ds games, the reason is so simple. Sky3ds with easier operation and better compatibility. Though Gateway 3ds has many powerful functions, like support Emunand, Homebrews, .cia games, downgrade 3DS firmware, it has the biggest disadvantage, to all 3DS V9.3 and higher system users, Gateway 3ds is can not be used. Moreover, for the 2DS, NEW 3DS, NEW 3DS(XL,LL) handheld, Gateway 3ds is not compatible either. So for playing 3DS Games on 3DS System, I still recommend SKY3DS flash card for all you guys. Now it is with a little pricer, you can buy it from the official reseller in USA. It ships sky3ds from real US stock, with very fast shipping.

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