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Play pirated games will be detected and banned from Nintendo on 3DS 11.8?

3DS 11.8 updates finally seems to patch pirated games(piracy) with a New Check added from the tweet of the famous console hacker @SciresM. Can we still play pirated games on 3DS 11.8? How to avoid ban from Nintendo for playing pirated games and are Sky3ds+ or Stargate 3ds or R4 3DS card still safe to use on V11.8.0-41, here are the answers.

3DS 11.8.0 detects and bans Pirated Games?

Here is what Michael says about the 11.8 update. He mentions it is a possibility for Nintendo to activate the check, but at least for now they don’t. The ban is a potential but for people who are installing Pirated games from a eshop clone, you should be very careful on 3DS 11.8+ firmware console.

Are Sky3ds+, Stargate 3ds or R4 3DS Dead on 3DS 11.8?

No, users of Sky3ds+, Stargate 3ds and R4 3DS cards, they are using their own game backups or the downloaded ds&3ds roms from online. But the new check on 3DS V11.8, this ONLY affects pirated games downloaded illegitimately through a specific eShop clone (which installs the CIA for you). Just keep away from that eShop clone. Then you are totally safe.

You can still use the R4 3DS cards to play free NDS games and install CFW, or purchase the Sky3ds+/ Stargate 3ds to play free Nintendo 3DS games. The flashcarts, they are always your most Safe Method for playing pirated games! Because they are not using any 3DS Exploit and emulating the real game cartridge to work on your 3DS system handhelds.

FAQ on playing Pirated games on 3DS V11.8

Q: Are we still safe to play CIA games on 3DS 11.8?
A:  Yes, we can still download the CIA from websites etc and install it via FBI however as FBI doesn’t use the install service which does 3ds 11.8 checks. For using the FBI and CIA, you need to install a CFW on 3DS firstly, luma3ds is fixed to work on 3DS V11.8 again. You can purchase the R4 cards with ntrboot compatibility to setup B9S and luma3DS CFW on 11.8.0-41 console.

Q: How to avoid being banned from Nintendo on 3DS 11.8?
A: Keep awau from Voldemort Shop and its clones. If you are on 3DS V11.8, don’t use it to install CIA games again.

Q: What does updates on 3DS 11.8 affect?
A: This ONLY affects “eShop clone” users. You’re still ok if you download the CIA through “other means” (i.e on the PC) and install it via FBI. This DOES NOT affect currently installed titles and ONLY affects users who download/pirate games via CDN. You’ll only have issues if you use Voldemort’s special shop on 11.8 to install titles.

Q: Which are the safe methods to play pirated games on 3DS 11.8?
A: Play free DS games with r4 3ds flashcards and play free 3DS games with Sky3ds+ or Stargate 3ds. Flashcarts are the Safe and Easiest method to play pirated games on the 3DS V11.8. Even you have the latest Nintendo Switch console, you are 100% safe to use
SX Pro or SX OS to play free games.

Q: Does the 3ds 11.8 checks apply to all games, or just 3DS/VC games?
A: Anything downloaded via a specific eShop clone. 

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