Where to download Super Smash Bros. Ultimate to play on Switch for free?

We write down for you here with a step by step guide for downloading Smash Bros. Ultimate from online to your PC, then you can add this free game to the Nintendo Switch for playing, but in order to run the downloaded Switch roms on your console, you need to buy a Xecuter SX Pro or a SX OS License Code. ... Read More »

[News]SX OS 3.0.0 will be released for Nintendo Switch 6.2 firmware

Big news, SX OS 3.0 will come soon, The Xecuter team changes forum and announces the arrival of the 3.0 update for the SX OS operating system with support for the Switch console’s 6.2.0 firmware. So, what’s the detailed information? Should we buy Xecuter SX Pro/ SX OS License to hack Nintendo Switch 6.2? Folloing us, answers on the below. SX ... Read More »

[Tutorial]The latest Guide to homebrew, install cfw and play free games on 11.9.0

This is a guide to tell you how to homebrew 3ds 11.9, install custom firmware and play free DS/3DS games on the 11.9.0 firmware consoles. No matter, you want to only homebrew, or just get a CFW on 3DS or play games easily on the V11.9 firmware, the following instructions can satisfy your need. Are Homebrew and CFW patched on ... Read More »

Should we update to 3DS 11.9 for using flashcard, cfw and homebrew?

The new Nintendo 3DS system V11.9.0-42 has been released and updated, is this new firmware safe to update? Should we update to 3DS 11.9 for using flashcard, cfw and homebrew? Can we use a R4 3DS or 3DS flashcard to hack 3DS or New 2DS XL 11.9.0-42? Today you can find the answers on the below. 3DS Firmware update to 11.9.0-42 ... Read More »

[Update]Switch 6.2.0 cracked, the Atmosphere V0.8.1 supports to play free games on it

CFW Atmosphere V0.8.0 and 0.8.1 released officially for cracking the Switch V6.2.0 firmware. This time, Nintendo Switch 6.2.0 console users can hack your handheld again for booting the CFW to play free games. What’s the deatiled information about Atmosphere 0.8.0&0.8.1? Which Switch flashcard supports running Atmosphere on Nintendo Switch 6.2.0? Answers are on the below. Atmosphère hacks Nintendo Switch 6.2.0  After just ... Read More »

Which r4 card supports homebrew, cfw and ds/3ds games in 2019?

As we know, it’s very easy to use a R4 3DS card to play free NDS games and this way is without any Ban risk. But can we also use R4 card to homebrew 3ds, install cfw and play 3ds games in 2019? The answer is Yes, just check our post here. Which R4 card supports Hombrew on 3DS in ... Read More »

[News]Nintendo Switch 6.2.0 has been cracked by hacker for using CFW

Big news here: Nintendo Firmware 6.2.0 has been cracked!! Thanks to the hackers, it means we will be able to use SX OS/SX Pro again on Nintendo switch 6.2.0 firmware console soon. And how Nintendo Switch 6.2.0 is being cracked already for CFW now? Your answer is here. Nintendo Firmware 6.2.0 has been hacked Well this is a bit of sad ... Read More »

Anything you should know about Switch System update 6.2.0

What happened on Switch firmware 6.2? Firmware 6.2 changed the way the Nintendo Switch derives it’s package1 keys. The new method makes use of the TSEC keys. This effectively patches Atmosphere, ReiNX, SX OS and any other CFW until these keys are broken. I’m on Switch V6.2, can I still do anything? You can still run implementations of switch-linux (this ... Read More »

Dose SX OS Pro works on new Switch firmware 6.2.0 ?

Nintendo Switch firmware just updated to V6.2.0 from V6.1.0, for anyone of you has SX Pro or SX OS in used on your Switch, please do not update for now. will soon post another article to show you how to update SX OS for using on Switch V6.2.0, here let’s just check the details of Nintendo Switch system version ... Read More »

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