Can Nintendo DS/3DS games play on Switch in 2019?

Nintendo DS games or 3DS games, can they and how to play them on the Switch in 2019, do you want to know the answer? If yes, my post is for that. Are Nintendo DS/3DS games compatible with Switch? The answer is No, Nintendo Switch is a completely different console when compared with the DS and 3DS, is an all-new way ... Read More »

[2019]Which R4/3DS flashcard has no Timebomb and where to buy?

This article is for helping you to avoid buying the timebomb R4/3DS flashcards in 2019, so the card you purchase can finally work on your Nintendo 3DS or NDS handhelds for a long long time. I will list you the time bomb flashcards and non-timebomb flashcarts, and tell you the a USA/EU shipping site to buy non-time bomb R4/3DS/GBA/Switch flash ... Read More »

SX OS Stable 2.5.2 comes for hacking Nintendo Switch in 2019

Team Xecuter proprose to discover a new version of its SX OS that now goes into v2.5.2 “Stable”, What’s the added information of SX OS 2.5.2 Stable? Is it safe to update SX OS ? All the information about SX OS CFW, we will show on the below. The news of sx os 2.5.2 stable Two small fixes were made, ... Read More »

The 8 Hottest 2019 Nintendo Switch Accessories you must have

Your Nintendo Switch is going to come with everything you need to jump in and start playing, whether you’re connected to a television or playing mobile. Whether your gaming on the go or planted on your couch, So, which are the Best Nintendo Switch accessories in 2019? I will show you the Top 8 items one by one here. 1. ... Read More »

The Newest 2019 Switch CFW-SX OS 2.5.1 released by Team Xecuter

To celebrate the New Year, Team Xecuter gives good New Year gift for hackers, SX OS 2.5.1 Beta released at 2nd January, What’s the deatailed information about CFW sx os 2.5.1? Is it safe to update sx os 2.5.1? On the below, you can find the news and answers. News of SX OS 2.5.1: The Xecuter team having seen the ... Read More »

2018 Top 5 best selling 3DS/Switch Flashcards: What are they and why to buy them?

Before 2019, let’s have a look at all working R4/3DS/Switch Flashcards in 2018. What are they? Which are the top 5 best selling 3DS/Switch Flashcards in 2018? and why are they being so popular? All the answers you can find in this post. 2018 Switch/3DS Flashcards List Xecuter SX Pro From Xecuter SX OS From Xecuter SX Gear From Sky3ds plus ... Read More »

Team Xecuter launches update 2.5 for SX OS

During this last week, Team Xecuter has released three updates for SX OS CFW , the latest being version 2.5 already available on its official website or available through the “Update” option within the CFW. What’s the new features of SX OS 2.5? Can we update sx os 2.5 without risk? Answers and news on the below. sx os 2.5, ... Read More »

SX Installer V1.0 and SX OS V2.4.1 updated, what you need to know?

A new update of the sx OS CFW has been announced yesterday, it is a good complement to the SX OS v2.4 which supports the firmware v6.2.0 of the Nintendo Switch, and at the same time, a new software of the Team Xecuter was announced last weekend, namely SX Installer v1.0, what is it and what are the changes of ... Read More »

SX OS v2.4 beta updated for supporting Switch FW 6.2.0 and other features

Finally the best CFW Xecuter SX OS is updated for supporting Switch 6.2.0 firmware, its latest version is V2.4 Beta not the rumored 3.0. We will be able to play newer games like Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Free on Nintendo Switch thanks to sx os 2.4. By the way, it’s still a beta version. So what are the more details of ... Read More »

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