How to use the Latest rom tool V2.8 for 3DS roms?

As the Gateway 3ds appears in the market, 3DS rom tool becomes a useful tool for it. With the 3DS rom tool, you can read 3DS roms and get some information about them, such as the size of the rom and the minimum 3DS firmware version the rom required. If you have download some 3DS roms or games, you may know ... Read More »

Gateway 3DS will soon rise in price

Gateway 3DS in stock for about a week,We know that almost all the flashcarts are made in china. Because of legal restrictions,Many countries is is illegal to production flashcard,include the USA,Europe and China. I got the news from a friend that working in a little factory which product Gateway 3DS.He tell me that them factory was close by the Government ... Read More »

How to use R4i Gold 3DS Updater to upgrade R4i Gold 3DS without Nintendo Console?

  The team has released a product called R4i Gold 3DS,It’s used on PC,no Nintendo Console is needed.We all know that,if your 3DS/NDS/DSi system version is too high,you can’t upgrade your flashcart( R4i Gold 3DS).But the updater can do that. Main features: Support upgrade R4i Gold 3DS Directly without DS backup 3DS archives,reading as file from pc.even can write ... Read More »

[movie guide]How To use the Latest R4i Gold 3DS working on 3DS V6.2.0-12 ?

If you’re not careful that upgrade your 3DS to the latest V6.2.0,Don’t worry.The latest R4i Gold 3ds flashcart  that sended by support the latest Nintendo 3DS V6.2.0 directly,without upgrading! Take a look at our latest guide movie: The R4 gold 3ds are very easy to use and stable. Step 1: download the latest firmware of R4 Gold 3DS      ... Read More »

The most comprehensive review of Gateway 3DS

Reviewed by Devin, posted Aug 13, 2013As a 3DS enthusiast, I was intrigued by the Gateway 3DS (GW3DS). I was filled with anticipation before getting my hands on one. About a month before release, the GW3DS team published information that the GW3DS would only works on 3DS units with firmware 4.5 or earlier. My 3DS was updated to the latest ... Read More »

Gateway 3DS V1.1 Release for Nintendo 3DS(XL)

We would like to thank all our beta testers for their timely response and reporting. Common minor issues we are aware of are: 1) The lack of upper screen banner for some titles which trigger both region and firmware spoof requirements. 2) Some expected issues related to language fonts There have been some unique reports of issues related to title ... Read More »

How To identify A Right Micro sd memory card for Gateway 3DS,R4 SDHC ,Acekard 2i,Gold 3DS ?

No matter what the flashcart is,you need a micro memory card .Recently,some users report that the micro sd card they bought can’t compatible with Gateway 3DS .Base on this  will Teach you how to identify  a micro memory card. What’s the relationship between SD CARD,micro sd card and the Adapter? The SD Card is more bigger then the micro ... Read More »

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