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Nintendo Switch V6.0.0 Hacking, are SX OS, ReiNX and Atmosphere still working?

The next big update for the Nintendo Switch firmware has been leaked ahead of release. While it doesn’t look like it’s adding anything particularly revolutionary, some of the information is rather interesting. What’s new in the Switch 6.0.0 update? Nintendo Switch V6.0.0 Hacking, are SX OS, ReiNX and Atmosphere still working? Following us, we will show the answer to you on the below.

What’s new in the Switch 6.0.0 update?

It seems that the version 6.0.0 firmware for the Nintendo Switch is set to come out soon, as several hackers have found data on what has been added and changed on the system. These include support for Nintendo Switch Online, and new profile picture icons. For the unaware, the Nintendo Switch Online service is due to launch by the end of September. With the paid service, we’ll get save back-ups to the cloud and free classic games with added online multiplayer.

Nintendo seems to be preparing the release of the Nintendo Switch’s next major firmware version and appears to have uploaded the 6.0.0 update to their servers a tad early. Members of the ReSwitched hacker group discovered the update and have been able to uncover some tidbits through data mining and installing the firmware on a jailbroken Switch. The update appears to be in preparation for Nintendo’s upcoming online service set for launch in September. Multiple references to save-data backups and “Nintendo Switch Online Membership” have been found in the update including the slogan “More Games. More Features. More Fun”.

Here are some of the features:

  •     Nintendo Switch Online subscription support (Slogan: “More Games. More Features. More Fun.”)
  •     Save data backup
  •     New Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker icons: 2x Captain Toad, 2x Toadette, 1x Wingo, 1x Draggadon
  •     New controller icons: Famicom, NES, SNES/SFC
  •     Mitigations against an unreleased Switch exploit called ‘deja vu’
  •     Enhanced telemetry to detect exploit utilities

 Nintendo Switch Online is currently set to go live in the second half of September.

Nintendo Switch V6.0.0 Hacking, are SX OS, ReiNX and Atmosphere still working?


ReiNX is an early Atmosphere build with Slight modifications to the code to add currently unavailable features to the CFW, so at least on launch you can expect by comparison Atmosphere to be far more stable, and feature rich then ReiNX. Until Rei upgrades to Atmosphere’s latest code base.

ReiNX (as a CFW) uses absolutely zero atmosphere code, 1.) they’re completely different, atmo is a FOSS reimplementation of the entirety of the horizon OS while ReiNX is a patch based solution 2.) they use some of the same sysmodules, that’s it 3.) the image floating around of a few lines of code being changed from atmosphere to ReiNX is just a kip, and unless you consider kips CFW.

Atmospheres goal is definitely not to reimplement the entirety of horizon, just the parts that they want to change in order to have a clean implementation instead of relying on huge patchsets which would need great effort to update for every firmware and would be a pita to maintain.

ReiNX has like three patches right now that aren’t going to be in atmosphere and most of them are piracy related.The unique part of ReiNX is the bootloader which is an hekate-alternative with focus on user-friendliness.

Apparently the latest version of ReiNX (to compile from the Github master) already supports firmware 6.0.0, at least for sig_patches ES and FS, will be tested. FYI it is this CFW that implemented firmware support 6.0.0 first, not TX and LayeredFS currently does not work on any CFWs firmware 6.0.0.

Atmosphere 0.7

While the team  was committed to release the new Atmosphere end of August, the developer SciresM just spoke about the fact that he was forced to postpone its release. As we talked about, it is because of the availability of firmware 6.0.0 (official) that will be released normally today.

SciresM has even committed to features, firmware support 6.0.0 and bug fixes, such as the raised one that prevents startup on ccplex. It was Hexkyz who worked hard, SciresM specifies that the sm does not need to be adapted, that the loader / PM must be adapted but in a minor way, FS.mitm must be updated for the kernel patches . SciresM believes that it may take a day or two weeks, say that by mid-September we should be able to enjoy Atmosphere v0.7.

SX OS V1.8

By making sure their SX OS is ‘future-proof’ and with their own ‘system stability’ based on ‘user feedback’, in that it now handles all the new curve-balls that Nintendo will be throwing at you in the coming days with the new v6.0 firmware for the Switch, which of course as usual adds Nintendo’s brand of ‘system stability’ (closing exploits), but with TX at the plate, you will always score a homerun, allowing you to fully enjoy the ease of usage in playing your XCI or NSP ‘backups’ on the very latest of Switch firmwares.

This is the official announcement from Team Xecuter:

We received some feedback from some expert users who are early adopters of the upcoming 6.0 firmware update. It appears we had overlooked something which made SX OS not boot firmware 6.0 for users with an exFAT formatted microSD card.

Oops. Suffice to say, we wasted no time to track down the root cause of this issue and fixed it up for you, still ahead of the official 6.0 release schedule!

Another thing which has been addressed is the incompatibility of the current “layeredFS” implementation with firmware 6.0. SX OS will now automatically disable “layeredFS” support when running on firmware 6.0, preventing any crashes/hangs.

That’s it for now. We’re running out of (reasonable) minor version numbers for SX OS 1… which means we are revving up for the big SX OS 2.0 release! At this point we can’t spoil yet what the next iteration of SX OS has in store for you, but rest assured it will be exciting.

Again, sorry for this minor bug-fix release. Enjoy the upcoming 6.0 firmware with SX OS!

Reviews of Nintendo Switch V6.0.0 Hacking:

That’s actually what they’ve been doing until now, their github is always close to the latest changes, as you can see the latest change was 3 days ago. They don’t want to do an official public build and release until it’s safe and properly usable by the general user, whereas TX wanted an earlier release as that means more profit, especially as their OS becomes more irrelevant as other CFW are released and have tweaks.

ReiNX is publicly released and uses Atmosphere as a base, while having some extra features and remaining open source as per the license requirements. NSP installing and FTP support on SX OS are both copied and pasted code from open source projects that already run on Atmosphere for free, it’s not the work of TX. TX didn’t fix the 6.0 exfat issue, it was just more code copied from Atmosphere, and they didn’t even copy all the fixes.

The reason why SX OS is criticised so heavily is because almost everything is stolen code, violating the licenses of the projects and not giving credit, while claiming it’s their own work. The only advantage SX OS has now is XCI loading, and as ReiNX and Atmosphere etc can already run NSP files, and you can convert XCI to NSP, it’s no longer a very important feature. The atmosphere devs make every bit of code they do public so it can be modified and used in other projects for free as long as the modified source code is publicly released, they don’t make any money and work on it as a hobby.The only difference between Atmosphere and SX OS is the XCI loader, yet people always seem to think that Atmosphere is somehow less complete since they aren’t encouraging the use of it in its current stage of development. SX OS is even more incomplete than Atmosphere as they take a while to incorporate the changes to Atmosphere.


Although through the changelog, the team Xecuter indicates that there is no easy way to update manually to firmware 6.0.0, The Dongle allows you to do without your PC or other.The boot console with him.The JiG is used to enter the RCM mode (and I do not recommend the autoRCM mode) And not the team Xecuter, with its version 1.8 has made compatible its CFW SX OS with firmware 6.0.0. There will definitely be another update that will follow if bug. And if you want to install Xecuter SX OS to hack Nintendo Switch, just choose us to buy SX Pro , we are the official reseller from Team Xecuter.

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