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New card from EZFlash-what is it and can it be used on 3DS?

Brand news, a new GBA flashcard(EZFlash Omega) from EZ-flash team is in development and set to be out in the near future.  Though we just see a new poster from the official site, on the Youtube, there are 6 videos about this upcoming GBA flash cart. Here, we will show you them one by one and try to give you more details about this 2018 GBA flashcard-EZ FLASH OMEGA.

ezflash omega

New GBA Flashcard from EZFLASH

The first part focuses on the loading speed of the game Mother 3, one of the largest retail Gameboy Advance games. It charges in just over 3 seconds, almost twice as fast as the Everdrive GBA X5.

Meanwhile, the second video was released. The main message is that the EZ-Flash IV now has a Real Time Clock. Also, the EZ-Flash team has hinted that, similar to the reform, there will be two cases for the cartridge; one in the size of a normal GBA game and one in the size of the dust cover from the DS Lite. Thus, the entire card should be much smaller compared to the Everdrive GBA X5.

They also show an in-game menu that looks very similar to and has the options “Reset”, “Save” and “Load”.

In the main menu there is the possibility to activate the time, the add-ons “Reset”, “Savestate”, “Sleep” and “Cheat”, change the language from English to Chinese and activate the “FAST PATCH ENGINE”.

Today the third part of the function demonstration appeared. Funnily, the video ran with me only in 1080p liquid.

You can see in this video two more options in the realtime menu: “CHEATON” and “CHEATOFF”. Cheats can only be selected in the main menu of the map. In addition, Real Time Save and Softreset are demonstrated.

The 4th video shows that two 32MB ROMs can be loaded into NOR memory. This would even fit the 2015 dumped 64MB large cartridges in the NOR of the card. So that they can be played only a corresponding flasher would have to be written.

The 5th video shows that you can start NES and GBC games with the card from the main menu. So far, there have been individual emulators (which is only minimally impractical). Apparently, the method of the EZ-Flash team is based on the emulators Goomba (GBC) and PocketNES (NES).

This 6th video shows a few minor features of the UI. To display thumbnails for games, press “SELECT”. It is also pointed to the relatively high loading speed.

On the 12th anniversary of DS Lite, the EZ-Flash team showed the last video. It shows that the flashcard is stored directly on the MicroSD. As a result, no battery is needed on the circuit board. The clock would actually need a permanent power supply anyway. Therefore, there will probably be a small battery or capacitor on the circuit board.

At the end of the video there is a feature list to be seen:

  • 256Mbit PSRAM
  • 512Mbit NORFLASH
  • System On Chip RECOVERY MODE

How it can be called, EZ Flash OMEGA?

Right now, we don’t know its name and the launching time, but one of our customer called DeadSkullzJr in Discod app get this picture in its final episode video. Maybe it will be named with EZ Flash OMEGA this time.

ezflash gba card 2018

Does it play GBA games on Nintendo 3DS?

No, like the ezflash iv and ezflash reform, it can’t be used with anything newer than NDS Lite.

When will it be released and where to buy?

As one of the official reseller of EZ-FLASH cards, we can tell you that, EZ flash Omega will be out in the next month April, We are now supporting Pre-order on the 2018 gba flashcart, you can order from here with a voucher code to use. Currently we can ship you EZFLASH REFORM from the EU and HK, later we will send it and the EZflash Omega from America too.

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