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Is Stargate 3ds better or worse than Sky3ds+/Sky3ds plus?

Stargate 3ds and Sky3ds+, can we simply say which is better or worse than the other one? should we choose one of them to hack Nintendo 3ds games? Here is your answer.

stargate 3ds better sky3ds+

Comparison Chart

Stargate 3ds Sky3ds+
For Game Compatibility It’s supporting both DS and 3DS games.

It can’t play the newest 3ds games with An-ti piracy check.

It’s supporting only 3DS games.

It can play even the latest 3ds games, like the Pokemon ultra Sun&Moon.

For NTRboot It is compatible with NTRboothax/magnethax. It doesn’t support.
For Playing Online It must work with some tool like a Gateway Rom Patcher to get a private header to support safe online game play. It is working with its official tool- skydock to support online gaming.
For Game Speed After testing, Stargate 3ds is much faster than Sky3ds+ for entering a game, but the difference is very samll. A little slower
For Installation To let Stargate 3ds play 3ds games, we only need to download .3ds roms to a microsd card. Insert the sd card to the Stargate 3ds, it can read the free 3ds games for us. To use Sky3ds+ to play 3ds games, we should download sky3ds+ firmware and 3ds roms to a sd card. Insert the sd card to the sky3ds+, it can read the free 3ds games for us.
For Price $83.9, Stargate 3ds is On Sale for now $85.9

Stargate 3ds: Better than Sky3ds+?

In which aspects, the Stargate 3ds is better than the Sky3ds+?

  1. Stargate 3ds can play NDS games which Sky3ds plus doesn’t support.
  2. Stargate 3ds supports 3DS games with plug&play, no firmware needed.
  3. Stargate 3ds will be able to support GBA/SNES games later with a upgradable firmware.
  4. Stargate 3ds can support you install CFW on any 3DS via the NTRboot method

Stargate 3ds: Worse than Sky3ds plus?

In which sides, the Stargate 3ds is worse than the Sky3ds+?

  1. Stargate 3ds can’t play the newest 3ds games, however they are all supported by the Sky3ds plus card.
  2. Most of Stargate 3ds can work out of the box after correct setup, but a few of them may have sd card problem, the SD card function of the Stargate 3ds isn’t stable, while all Sky3ds plus 3ds cards are now working without any problem, they have been used for around 3 years, no more bugs.


So, between Sky3ds+ and Stargate 3ds, which we should buy for playing free Nintendo 3ds games? The right flashcard for hacking 3ds games should be the Sky3ds plus. On game compatbility and card performance, Sky3ds+ is much better and more stable.

As for another question, in 2018, is there a cheaper option to play free 3DS game roms than 3DS Flashcards? Yes, there is, they are the NTR flashcards plus the NTRboot method which installs Boot9strap/CFW to our any 3DS/2DS/NEW 3DS XL/NEW 2DS XL console. By this way, we can download and play 3ds games as well, but the games are no longer in .3ds format, they must be the .cia files. I will recommend you choosing this 3DS hack only if you know about the 3DS CFW and Nintendo 3DS, otherwise, the safe way for you to play 3ds games is purchasing the 3DS Flashcart still.

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