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Is Gateway 3ds really a good cart to buy for 3DS or New 3DS with V10.7/11.2/11.4?

Gateway 3ds cart can play free 3ds games on the 3ds/new 3ds/2ds consoles. But is it really a good flash cart to buy in 2017 and can it really work on 3ds firmware v10.7 as the official site writes? Here before you finally pick up a 3ds game flash card for  the 3ds family gaming device, read my article about the 3ds gateway.

Is gateway 3ds really a good cart to buy for free games on 3DS/NEW 3DS?

Please you can check the card’s advantages and features here. 

The advantages of Gateway 3ds

- Support both 3ds and 3ds eshop games.
- Much cheaper than sky3ds/sky3ds+ for hacking 3ds games
- Has many powful functions such as Emunand, 3DS Cheats, Region free and on on.

Gateway Features:

* Support for online gaming
* Support emunand
* Supports multiple games on a single memory card
* Supports fat32 card format and exfat
* Support 3ds game cheating
* Support work on 3ds v4.1 to v9.2
* Support 3ds/3ds xl/2ds/new 3ds/new 2ds xl consoles.
* Support homebrews and .cia.

3ds gateway works on 3DS/NEW 3DS with 10.7 or 11.3 or 11.4 firmware?

No, Gateway 3ds is compatible with a 3DS firmware version range from v4.1 to v9.2. It can’t support 3ds games on 10.7 or 11.2 or 11.7 3ds system version. Which means if your 3ds/new 3ds/2ds console is on the version, the gateway 3ds is useless unless you can downgrade the firmware version. Though in the official site, it may tells “Gateway 3ds is working for 3ds 10.7″. It only means now, gateway 3ds emunand version can be udpated to 10.7 and in fact, the highest emunand version of gateway 3ds card is already 3ds v11.2. So do not mix that. Emunand is not 3ds original firmware version.

So which card we choose for playing games on 3DS or New 3DS with V10.7/11.2/11.4?

SKY3DS+ Plus is compatible with 3DS / New3DS / 2DS in all versions up to 11.4.0-37. So if you like playing free 3ds games then sky3ds+ will be a very good choice for all players. There are people who have thought that sky3ds+ is very expensive, the price is almost 90$ at However, you can play free and unlimited games with this sky3ds + card. In fact, a sky3ds+ card will be more economical than the original game card. Imagine that you will enjoy more than 10 or 20 3ds games using a Micro SD card, and a Nintendo 3DS game card is expensive. We’ll take 20 Nintendo 3DS game cards. It will be quite expensive. In this situation, Sky3ds+ is a very good option to save money for you.

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