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How to use the Gateway 3DS Ultra to downgrade 3DS system to lower version ?

The Gateway 3DS ULTRA released the ultra 3.0 for 3ds games. And they released the downgrade 3DS 4.5+ systems to lower than 4.5. Include the 9.4.0-21. Now you can follow our tutorial to downgrade your 3DS console to enjoy free 3DS and DS games on  your console.

version up to 9.2

and today,gateway 3ds team released GATEWAY ULTRA 3.0.1 PUBLIC BETA AND DGPACKS Downgrade N3DS V4.5+ back to lower version and following is a detailed user guide

Things you need to know before start

1.currently doesn’t work with 2DS and N3DS because they require System version above 6.0 to even function.

2.The target system Version depends on the console’s Region.

CHN (MD5 = 69072ce7de2cafc85325831251661e59)
EUR (MD5 = ba20352933fdb9533311933ce2263448) –> 4.5.0-8E (with update nag ready to install. Format sysNAND to remove it)
JAP (MD5 = 7dff24e6673423818c7e185521bf9cf7) –> 4.4.0-10J
TWN (MD5 = 47c5ec9d230c61ac431c6e245305b7c0)
USA (MD5 = 425234a6d4faf5caf63d0ca620631d79) –> 4.2.0-9U
KOR (MD5 = f253b2ee03b4cfb2799e9745100fce41)

3.Attention, you need to use the correct region file. Do not downgrade to another region.


1.Download GATEWAY ULTRA 3.0.1 from (please download from official site,don’t believe some third part source and fake sites. ,unzip it,you will see these files

2. download YOUR 3DS REGION (we have no confirmation of region changing) from  and place .DG file on your 3DS SD (the big one)

3.power on your console ,load gateway exploit through BROWSER menu the internet browser icon

Enter   click confirm

5. hold L as soon as bottom screen turns white
6.backup your sysNAND(this is forced and it MUST be on your SD card)
7. at Gateway menu scroll right to downgrade selection
8. follow on screen prompts
9. console will take a few moments to restart, do not panic!
The next few steps are required if you don’t want to use the browser exploit
10.install the blue card exploit once downgrade is complete more wifi at startup!!!!
12. just go to settings/other settings/profile/DS profile to launch gateway now


Downgrade is not a must because gateway 3ds card currently can work on V4.1-V9.2 console directly. and there is also a possbility brick your 3ds if you are very new to the downgrade thing, so i recommend you do not need to downgrade your 3ds console.Just 3ds-linker gateway 3ds to play 3ds games on your N3DS V9.2 or lower version,that will be a great choice. is the official site and provide the best service.

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