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How to use Nintendo 3DS/DS/DSI homebrew with a flashcart ?

What’s homebrew?

Homebrew is some sort of software made by some people and groups.It’s not the Nintendo official software,but very useful.The homebrew can be a software like music player,PDF reader,calculator,or include the all.Here is a vido show a online homebrew.(very simple demo)

Why should the Nintendo DS/DSI/3DS use the homebrew?

If you just use your 3DS play games,you can skip this article.Buy if you want your 3DS do more,you should make your 3DS/DSI/DS enable to run the homebrew software.All the homebrew can’t run on 3DS/DS/DSI directly,because the Nintendo’s the IOS(your iphone),you need jailbreak!

Not like the IOS,Nintendo DS/DSI/3DS jailbreak is more harder.You need another card(like a game card)  as a sidekick to “jailbreak”.In fact,we are not call it jailbreak,and the technology is not jailbreak the Nintendo’s system.It’s something like spoof.The card enable your device to run homebrew is called flashcart(or flashcard,or linker).Here I will call it flashcart.

You can learn more info about flashcart from the internet.or from the gbatemp.With the flashcart you can play many games freely.Below is the 2013 top sell flashcarts.

Learn how to Choose a flashcart for use.

Take a look at homebrew:

Almost all the flashcarts will include homebrew.Here we will take a look at DSTWO homebrew.

There you can install or uninstall all the programs.ipyalyer,ireader….!
DSTWO has a official form,you can download many more homebrew softwares from
and the forum

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