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How to upgrade r4isdhc Dual-Core to 1.62b

The r4ishdc team has release the kernel 1.62b to compitablity for 3ds v6.2.0.
Here is the step how to upgrade your buy r4isdhc Dual-core to 1.62b;

1) download the kernel 1.62b from
    download the path file  fwUpgrade_v6.20.rar from
you will get the zip file:

unzip it
you will get like below:

2)Format your micro sd card and copy the files to the root of your sd card.

4)unzip the fwupdate_v6.20.rar

5)copy the fwUpdate_V6.20.nds to the root dir of micro sd card.

6)push the flashcard into the 3ds.Press Power on

other step is same like before.

enjoy your happy games!

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