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How to solve Stargate 3ds game card removed, stop working or other issues?

This is a list of Stargate 3ds common errors, issues and their solutions. The Stargate 3ds is just released and with its Unique ability for supporting ds games, 3ds games&ntrboothax, it is having some little bugs and needing to be updated by the official team. Don’t worry, if you can’t get a Stargate 3ds to work by any means, a responsible seller will allow you to return it for an exchange like us.

Also, to you who is looking for a flashcard to play free ds&3ds games directly and easily on any of 3DS firmware console, the Stargate 3ds is still the best and the only choice. The official dealer can sell you the card with a discount, ship you it from USA or France and promise you a free exchange or a full refund after card return.

Stargate 3ds can't work

Stargate 3ds Manual

The Setup Guide

1. Prepare a microsd card, remember to format it as either FAT32 or exFAT.

  • To play 3ds games, go to or other online rom sites to download 3DS Games, the roms must be in .3ds format, not eshoproms, not cross-region 3ds titles.
  • To play ds games, go to, download the “DS menu system files”, unzip the file, put the contents to your sd card’s root. Also, go to rom site to download DS/NDS Games, they are should be in .ds format too, no region limit.

2. Copy any 3DS/NDS games to your microSD card. You are no need to make a new folder.
3. Plug the Stargate 3ds cartridge into your console.

  • For playing 3ds games, on the screen, you will see the first 3ds game icon, press any button on the flashcard, you can change 3ds roms to play, press button A, you will enter into the game.
  • For playing ds games, push the 2 buttons together on the Stargate 3ds, your 3DS will turn into DS mode, the on the upper screen you can see the”Alex Rider Stormbreaker” , now press button A, you will be able to enter into the DS menu to choose a game to play.

The Skin Installation Tutorial

Yes, Stargate 3ds users can customize its skins, here is a video tutorial to show you the steps for installing another skin to the Stargate 3ds flash cart.

Stargate 3ds errors and issues

1. Can’t get DS Mode to work.

Please make sure you download the official “DS System Files” to the Stargate 3ds card, unzip it and copy the contents directly to the SD card root directory. Also, ahead of it, you have already format the Microsd card and it’s a working sd/sdhc memory card.

2. Game card was removed.

If you get random errors of “game card was removed” while playing the game. We have these suggestions for your.

  • Make sure your roms are not corrupt and the correct region for your 3DS.
  • Confirm you get a high class(8 or 10) micro sd card from 2 of brands, SanDisk or Kingston. Format it carefully with FAT32 or Exfat. Try the 2 formats both.
  • It is maybe a faulty card, ask for a return.

3. Display garbled or strange screens in DS mode.

stargate 3ds strange screen

If you run into a strange language screen when trying to load into NDS mode when initiating the Stargate. This is because the Stargate 3ds is completely incompatible with CFW.

“The problem with running CFW on the New 3DS is that it makes the Stargate 3DS’ DS mode incompatible with the console and it will display garbled screens on both the upper and lower screens, asking the user to select a language. This is not normal operation of the DS mode on this flash cart. CFW is not currently officially supported by the Stargate 3DS and different CFW versions may have different results. If you already have CFW on your system and need to uninstall it, use the B9S-Uninstall script after launching Godmode9.”

The official team has already noticed the problem and has been working on the firmware update to resolve it, wish in a couple of weeks, a new SG firmware will be released soon.

4. Alex Rider Stormbreaker not loading.

It means there are no files from the DS loader on the SD card. Make sure you download them from their website.

5. Nothing Shows up.

If you insert a Stargate 3ds with many 3ds roms to your console but nothing shows up, only a green light indicating that it’s reading the games. But games will only pop up if you some howhave something to hold it in place.

It means the sd reader on the Stargate isn’t placed correctly. So you have two options, either get something to hold the sd card down for the reader or send it back to the seller you purchased from for an exchange.

6. All of a sudden it stopped working

If your Stargate 3ds can’t load any game all of a sudden, or you get the random freezes or a black screen on your 3DS said that it needed to be restarted for some error. There are 3 methods you can try, some of Stargate 3ds customers use them to solve the problem, hope it can help you too.

  • Simply inserted another SD with the files on the original SD in the Stargate 3DS and that fixed it for me! I have made a small 4GB MicroSD now with 1 game on it and insert that when the problem returns. Please notice that some roms (like Pokemon Ultra Moon/ Sun) always make the Stargate Crash because they are not compatible with SG for now. So you have to insert the other SD(bigger MicroSD ,it is slightly thicker) then to “recover” the ROM loader from the Stargate. Sandisk is a good brand.
  • Simply format your Micro SD with windows, not using quick format. (I did exFat). It may take a while (did my 16GB in ~15 minutes). Then put you system files and roms like normal. Now it *seems* to work.
  • First, turn the 3DS off. Next, plug the USB cable into the cart then insert into the 3DS. Turn the 3DS on. At this point, I got 2 blue screens, and tiny writing showing the ROM or something. Cart light was green. I removed the cable,  and held 3DS power button down until power off, then power back up. Games now load correctly.

7. Red light – faulty cart?

If you insert SD card to Stargate 3ds, the DS starts with displaying the logo, purple light flashing on the card with a bit of green, then the red lights up and the DS says the card cannot be read. The Stargate 3ds is not working on any DS or NDS console, you can only use it on 3DS, 3DS XL, 2DS, NEW 2DS XL, NEW 3DS and NEW 3DS XL devices. But if you has this error on the 3DS firmware device, you can try the following way.

Once and a while I have a similar issue with my StarGate Card. I noticed that this only happens when I transfer more than 5 roms at once.

This is the way I go by correcting the issue on the StarGate Card & the Micro Card.

1. Insert the Micro Card into your PC then go ahead and overwrite the StarGate DS Menu System Files v1.1
2. Insert the Micro Card back into your StarGate 3DS Card.
3. Power on your DS before you insert the StarGate Card back into your DS
4. Once your DS is on. Go ahead and make sure you push both white buttons that are on the StarGate Card as you go to insert it into your DS
5. You should then see the “Alex Rider Stormbreaker THQ” on your DS screen
6. Push the “A” button on your DS and that should boot your DS into DS mode

If the above fails the first time go ahead and repeat the steps. And if it still fails to boot up. Go ahead and re-format your Micro Card to FAT32 if your using it with a DS or exFAT if you own a 3DS. And if it still fails to boot go ahead and re-install the Firmware v1.0 back into your StarGate 3DS Card.

8. Won’t play .3ds files

Your Stargate 3ds can play NDS files and games fine, but won’t play or do anything with .3DS files. We have 3 solutions for you too, please check if any of them is working to your Stargate 3ds.

  • Re-install the “3DS DS Menu System Files v1.1″ and see if that works… It depends on what game. Newest games don’t currently work. Bad dumps and multi region aren’t supported.
  • The 3ds roms are not supported by the Stargate 3ds, you download Pokemon Ultra Moon/ Sun or other newest 3ds titles into the card.
  • When no roms are loaded, and it does load .nds files then try this: Go in to .nds mode (press both buttons at the same time) and then press start on the .3ds rom you see in the list. What info can you find there? If this is an eShop .cia game converted to .3ds, it will be unplayable on Stargate. It has to be an actual cartridge .3ds dump for it to work.

Stargate 3ds tips

Is it supporting 3DS Game cheats like the Gateway 3ds?

No, Stargate 3ds is not the Gateway 3ds card, it’s not compatible with gateway 3ds cheats or other cheats code.

How to use emulators on Stargate 3ds?

Sorry, the emulators for GBA/SNES or other games used on Stargate 3ds is not yet released too, we have to wait for another firmware update.

Does Stargate 3ds support NTRboothax?

Yes, it’s compatible with NTRboothax. You can find a video tutorial on how to use it to run NTRboothax on 3DS to install B9S/Luma3DS cfw on Youtube.

Which brand and storage size is recommended for the SG?

Sandisk and Kingston, the first one is highly recommended. And because you would liket to play both ds and 3ds games, it’s better for you to buy a larger storage size sd card, 64gb or 128gb both are ok.

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