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How to setup R4i Gold Pro 2019 for 3DS XL 11.9.0-42 ?

R4iSDHC Gold Pro 2019 support the latest 3DS XL 11.9.0-42 directly. The setup of R4i Gold Pro is almost the same at all the Nintendo systems( Include DS and 3DS firmware.If your 3ds firmware is not 11.9.0-42, you can follow our tutoral step by step)

First , make sure your card is this one: like below picture and buy R4 Gold PRO .

R4i Gold Pro is not only cheap but also easy to use. It’s worth to buy.

Step 1: download the kernle file for R4 Gold Pro from here

Unizip the zip file you should get the 4 files R4.dat,R4iMenu,moonshl2 and moonmemo .

Step 2: copy all of these files to the root folder of micro sd card

Step 3: download some DS roms and copy them to the root folder of the micro sd card too.

Download New Super Mario bros


Copy the 0479 – New Super Mario Bros. (Europe) (En,Fr,De,Es,It).nds to the root folder the micro sd card. like the kernel file.

Step 4. Insert all the card to 3DS:

Now you can enjoy the DS game


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