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How to play SNES games via R4i Gold 3DS

R4i Gold 3DS support almost all the ds games, Do you know that this flashcart can support to play SNES games too. You just need download a SNES Emulator for R4i Gold 3DS.  In this article I will show you how to use SENS emulator to play SENS games via R4i Gold 3DS.
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micro sd card  and adapter
SNES Emulator:
NES games

STEPS: the SNES emulator:  unpack the zip file.copy “oooSNEmulDS.nds” ,”snemul.cfg” and “readme.text” . Copy all these files to the root of the sd card.

2.Creat a folder named “SNES” to put your download SNES games in the sd card.

3.After put those files in your sd card, then reject the sd card from your pc. Insert the r4i gold 3ds with the sd card into your DS/3ds console.

4.Power on and click the icon and log in the game menu.

5.Then you will see the “SNEmuIDS.nds”, click it to enter in.

6.Select one game to enjoy. Done

You must know that the SNES eumlator is just another nds file on the card.

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