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How To identify A Right Micro sd memory card for Gateway 3DS,R4 SDHC ,Acekard 2i,Gold 3DS ?

No matter what the flashcart is,you need a micro memory card .Recently,some users report that the micro sd card they bought can’t compatible with Gateway 3DS .Base on this  will Teach you how to identify  a micro memory card.

What’s the relationship between SD CARD,micro sd card and the Adapter?

The SD Card is more bigger then the micro sd card.The 3DS inner SD CARD is a truly sd card,it has more faster reading and writing speed then the micro sd card.Some device like the PC can’t read/write the micro sd card directly, so need the adapter.

What’s the SDHC standard and class standard ?

SDHC standard:

SDHC is “High Capacity SD Memory Card”.2006.05 the SD comity release the V2.0 of SDHC standard. The capacity must bigger then 2GB less then 32GB SD Card.The SDHC main features is High Capacity,and use the FAT32 filesystem.( format easily).(PS:the max capacity of FAT16 is 2GB).
The SDHC symbol:

As the successor of SD. SDHC support FAT32,and Support 32GB at max.The translate speed is defined as Class2(2MB/sec),Class4(4MB/sec),Class6(6MB/sec),class10(10MB/sec)…High speed SD Card can support HD move real-time saving.

SDHC support Class 2(2MB/sec) at lest, every micro sd card have the Class logo and SDHC logo.

This picture show a Kingston 8GB micro memory sd card. The class is 4 means this card have a 4MB reading/writing speed.
Some memory card that have no SDHC and class logo on the card,Strictly speaking, it’s not SDHC Card and it’s possible not compatible with Gateway 3DS or other flashcart like R4i SDHC RTS etc.

This is not a standard card. the logo is pb not class level.
The second one has no any logo.Maybe It’s not a fake,But don’t buy anywhere!

Class level:

  • Class 0:
    include lower then class 2 and with no speed class logo on the card.      ( <=2GB )
  • Class 2:
    support normal MPEG4 MPEG2 movies ,SDTV,digital camera;(like sandisk,kingmax4GB,8GB)
  • Class 4:
    play (HDTV) movies fluently.(like Kingstone4G,8G,sandisk4G,8G,16GB)
  • Class 6:
    SLR camera shooting and meet the requirements for use of professional equipment.(Sandisk 8GB,not recommend for flashcart ,it’s very expensive)

There are very little brand support class 6 sd card that’s bigger then 4GB. The ATP ProMax SDHC 4GB Class 6 is the first one.


  1. The capacity that’s lower then 2GB is not SDHC memory card.The class is 0
  2. Not all the 4GB card is Class 4 too.
  3. We recommend the Kingston 8GB class 4 memory sd card.It’s has fast speed and big capacity and lower price.Buy Kinstone Micro SD Card.
  4. It’s not the high capacity the better, and not the faster the better.You must according to actual needs.It’s accord Wood effects.The high capacity and fast speed need more cpu times.

Not compatible list:

  1. Kingston 4GB no class logo 3$
  2. Kingston 16GB class 10    15$
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