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Hacking Switch v6.0.1-SX OS 2.1&2.0.1, what are their differences and which is better to choose?

Our solemn users tell us about the release of a new, Team Xecuter released SX OS 2.0.1 and SX OS 2.1 beta, highly anticipated version of SX OS, what’s up? There are even 2 new versions released! What does this mean? On the below, we will show detailed information about SX OS CFW.

The news of SX OS 2.0.1 and SX OS 2.1 Beta

Given the complaints of several users on the management and release of versions not quite stable and tested the xecuter team, anxious not to lose the confidence gained by his audience, decided that, from now on, will release 2 types of versions:

What’s news of SX OS 2.1 Beta

SX OS v2.1 beta introduces our brand new cheat engine and cheats finder. Many people requested a way to cheat in games or aid in finding cheats for games, so it has been high up on the priority list for a while. We’re curious to hear your feedback about this initial version of our game cheat addition to SX OS.

As of now we don’t have a big library of game cheats available yet, but we hope the community will come up with some cool ones that they will share publicly. Finding cheats and making (reliable) cheat codes for Switch games can be a laborious task and is in certain aspects a bit more involved than finding cheats for, say, a classic gameboy game!

For that reason we have written a small reference guide for the aspiring cheat hackers out there detailing the format of our cheat codes, caveats that need to be accounted for, and small tips to bring you up to speed.

How to cheat games

We know the cheat on a card R4 3DS, but for the SX Pro, we do not know too much about its new function Cheat. It should be the same as r4 3ds. We will first wait for the developers to enrich the cheat code library and then we will have a list of Cheat on the SX OS CFW interface. We choose the preferred option and start cheating!

SX OS 2.0.1

  • Stability improvements
  • Introduction of optional beta updates available through OTA updater

If you upgrade from versions of SX OS inferior to 2.0.1 (eg from 1.9 or 2.0) the latest stable version will be downloaded and from there you can choose whether to download the beta or not

SX OS V2.1 VS SX OS 2.0.1

The GameBuildID is a code that identifies the exact version of the game (because the cheats are usually version-specific and a cheat found for example in version 1.0.0 may not work on a 1.0.1 version of the same); SX OS understands if the version of the cheat copied in the SD is different from the version of the game and asks if you want to try to use it the same! Expect … nothing or crashes. 

To look for the cheats you must:
- play up to a point you want;
- exit the game with the home button
- open the album (the SX OS menu will open)
- go to the “Cheat Searcher” tab
- select the type of data to search; at this point a dump of the game’s memory will be created on SD then use microSD FAST AND LEAVE VACUUM SPACE TO SUFFICIENCY
(remember that the Switch has 2 GB RAM banks)! This dump will be quite slow!
- now if you know the exact value you can do “Next Search” and search for it, the results will be in hexadecimal!
- Now go back to the game, change the value and then go back to SX OS and continue the search; when there are few elements to choose from, the cheat engine will show them to you, if they are too many, you will have to continue to vary the value and look for it. If you do not know the exact value you can also use approximate values such as “lower than previous search” or “higher than previous search”.

So, SX OS V2.1 VS SX OS 2.0.1, what’s the new change?

Functions Stability Safe
SX OS 2.0.1 This version is stable and fixes the bug detected in SXOS 2.0.
Addition of the download function of SXOS Beta version.
Stable Yes
SX OS 2.1 This version is available in Beta version to correct any bug!
It has a Cheat tab that will allow you to use cheat codes, but also to look for them.
Beta version, not stable Yes

Which to choose for cracking the Hacking Switch v6.0.1?

Although Team Xecuter released two version of SX OS, some of which were well ‘not so perfect’ as such, moving forward the team has decided to be like Microsoft to have two branches of SX OS, one a ‘stable’ release and another for those that love to play around with latest & greatest even if it means ‘some issues and headaches’ to deal with, some players has updated SX OS to 2.1 and use the Cheat Engine & Finder, and find the function about SX OS 2.1:

  • Bug when the console is paused while a game is in progress.
  • Bug that prevents the use of SX OS v2 for users in firmware 3.x
  • Freeze issues with LayeredFS

There is a puzzle that which will be better? Following these many returns (“bugs”), the Team seems to have learned the lesson and will now offer two versions of the OS with each release: a stable version (with extensive testing) and a beta version (with new features but less tested). This will allow users of the beta to trace the various problems so that they are corrected in the next stable version. So, if you are a Conservative player, SX OS 2.0.1 will be the best choice, and if you really want to play cheats, you can try to update SX OS to 2.1, it’s a beta version, there will be some unpredictable risks, but we believe that Team Xecuter will solve these problems in the next update.

Now, you can buy SX OS from, we will send it to you within 10 minutes. The SX Pro and SX Gear are in stock on our site, you can get the voucher code to buy these SX Family for hacking Nintendo Switch V6.0.1. 

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