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FAQ, Dons and Don’ts, User experience of SX OS V1.5

SX OS V1.5 released by Team Xecuter one day ago, in this article, you can read about its FAQ, Dons and Don’ts, first batch user experience. If you are a little confused between the SX OS V1.5 and the SX OS code, the former is the Switch CFW OS latest version, the latter is the OS CFW license code. SX OS code enables you to boot OS CFW on Nintendo Switch to play games backups and run homebrews, you can get it with instant delivery from the official seller

SX OS V1.5 Update

Download Link:

Releasing Date:

 Aug 14, 2018 

New Features:

  • Added mass NSP install (and optional delete) functionalityUsers who want to install a lot of NSP titles at once can now easily do so by pressing [Y] in the installer tab. Upon finish the NSP installer will also ask you if you want to delete the NSP source files from your microSD card, freeing up space and keeping every neat and tidy!
  • FTP server supportYou can now enable a FTP server from the options tab in our menu that will keep running even once the menu is closed. This FTP server gives direct access to your microSD card, so you no longer have to eject the card to store/retrieve files.
  • More content directoriesSome people complained that they didn’t like all the XCI/NSP/NRO files in the root of their SD card. We have to agree that becomes a bit messy, so the menu will now scan the following directories as well looking for game content:
    1. /sxos/games
    2. /sxos/xci
    3. /sxos/nsp
    4. /sxos
    5. /switch/games
    6. /switch/xci
    7. /switch/nsp
    8. /switch


Is SX OS V1.5 safe to use on Nintendo Switch firmware console?

Yes, SX OS is a mature, commercial and regular update custom firmware for Nintendo Switch, as long as you don’t play online, you are 100% safely for using the OS CFW on Switch to play free games and run homebrews.

How to update SX OS CFW to V1.5 on Nintendo Switch V5.1.0?

Yes, for SX OS V1.4 or older versions users, you just need to download SX OS V1.5 from here, then drag this file to your sd card root to replace the old one. But for the first time SX OS code or SX Pro customers, you should go to the official site to find out the User Guide,

What is the FTP server for? Or what does it do?

It is like connecting to your SD card via WIFI to you PC. To transfer files or games and to delete files if you wish… Recommend you using the FTP clinet called Filezilla.

Can SX Pro users install the SX OS V1.5?

Yes, of course, for Xecuter sx pro users, you are able to install SX OS V1.5 as well.

What are the differences between those folders?

No difference outside of SX OS being able to read multiple folder names whether they are under a folder titled sx os or switch. And those subfolders can be renamed certain things depending on which folder its under. No difference. More choices, that’s all.

  • /sxos/games
  • /sxos/xci
  • /sxos/nsp
  • /sxos
  • /switch/games
  • /switch/xci

Can we put the files on any of those folder structures, yes?

Yes, you can put files and games in any of those folders. The SX OS V1.5 can scan them.

What’s the address for the FTP/Where can I find it? 

In your switch internet settings .. it is the IP address, then try port 5000.

I have filezilla and would love to try the ftp on the 1.5 update. Can someone explain exactly what i need to do please?

Find your switch’s ip address from your router, or the switch’s network setting page once it is connected. Then fire up your ftp client app, plug in that ip address to the address bar, leave username and password blank, port should be 5000. If jt doesnt work try port 21.

Can someone recommend a good ftp client?


Dons and Don’ts of SX OS V1.5

Dons Don’ts
  • Play game backups.
  • Play Homebrew games, apps and emulators.
  • Play eshop Switch games.
  • Play multi-roms.
  • Emunand
  • Cheat engine
  • Play online

User Experience of SX OS 1.5

just tried it, very good, however if you installed the nsp, then forgot to felete it, you can’t delete it unless you installed it again.

also, you can’t unisnall dlc and updates yet.

the FTP is nice, but being connected to the netwrok is not good, TX needs to put an option to block all nintendo server from reaching the switch.

however i am still wants that cheat engine function more then anything.

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