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EZflash Reform-What’s new for the GBA flashcard and when will it be available to buy?

As promised, new version EZflash 3in1 is finally coming from the EZ team, this latest gba flashcart has another name, it is called EZFlash Reform. Here from this post, you can know all about the ez-flash reform and also find a good site to buy it after its formal releasing in the end of October.

EZflash Reform Introduction

Another GBA flashcard released by the EZ-Flash team, EZflash Reform is a new cart that comes with two different cases that allows for usage on the GameBoy Advance, GBA SP, Nintendo DS, and the DS Lite. The official site claims that it will work “similarly” to the EZ-Flash IV, and feature a new EZ4Kernel. It also boasts having a replaceable battery, reducing the PCB size significantly, and MicroSDHC support up to 32GB.

EZ team released it for replacing the discontinued ezflash 3in1, but it is not only a simple EZ3 replacement, EZ-Flash reform has all features of EZ4 MicorSD version and using the EZ4 Kernel V2.

Its news and updates

EZ-FLASH Reform announced

After the launch of powerful EZ4Kernel V2 series, EZTEAM released the successor of EZ-FLASH IV, we named it EZ-FLASH Reform.

We’ve put huge effort on reducing the PCB size significantly. With the spare case in the box, you can easily change the card size to suit all GBA compatible consoles in you hands. Reform’s battery is replaceable now, you can easily buy the new CR1220 battery on the internet. As the successor of EZ-FLASH IV, Reform works similar with EZ-FLASH IV and uses the new EZ4Kernel V2.

Its features and functions

Features Functions
  • Reduced the PCB size significantly
  • Two spare cases in the box
  • Change the case easily to suit the all consoles
  • Battery replaceable (CR1220)
  • Works similar as EZ-FLASH IV
  • Using new EZ4Kernel
  • Supports MicroSDHC up to 32GB
  • Play free GBA games on all GBA / GBA SP / NDS /DS Lite consoles.
  • Download and play.

How is it different from EZIV Microsd and EZ 3IN1?

In fact, EZ-Reform is a hardware revision or a combination to make 1 card for DS Lite and GBA/NDS(NDSL) consoles to play Gameboy advance games, replacing the 2 previous cards (3in1 and IV). It’s more worthy to buy than each of them due to a reasonable price($45), here you can check more comparison on the 3 EZFlash GBA carts.

Price $37 $47 $45
Availability No Yes Yes
Compatibility DS Lite and NDS Support all GBA/GBA SP/NDS/NDSL/DS Lite consoles Support all GBA/GBA SP/NDS/NDSL/DS Lite consoles
Battery replaceable No No Yes
Plug&Play No Yes Yes
Support RTC No No No

Does EZflash Reform support RTC and Mother 3?

The official website doesn’t mention RTC(real-time clock) for the new EZ flashcard, so it probably not with RTC feature. However, if you just care about playing the Mother 3 game, don’t worry, we can tell you that the EZ-Flash Reform must support it.

Which is a reputable and cheap site to buy EZflash Reform in USA, Canada and EU?

First of all, the new EZ GBA flashcart will not be available for shipping until the end of October, so if you buy the Ezflash Reform cart via any site for now, you are just pre-ordering it. Then, which site should you choose to buy in USA, Canada and in Europe? Our store is a reputable and cheap site to you.

We are running flashcard business on the Internet with a nearly 5-year history, being listed as the official vendors for many flashcards(including R4i b9s, EZflash IV, Sky3ds+, Gateway 3ds, N2 Elite and more), supporting free shipment to most products in our site, even accepting the paypal as one of our major payments. Additionally, to those of you read our article to buy the EZFLASH REFORM, just e-mail to [email protected], we will send you a voucher code to buy it with lower price. Last but not least, if you are also looking for a 3ds flashcard from EZ company, the EZ-Flash Redux is the one.

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