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EZflash omega 1.01 kernel and Firmware 3.0, what are the new features?

EZflash omega updats so quickly in these day, now the latest v1.01 kernel and v3.0 firmware are both released out. Where to download them, how to update and what are the new features? You can check all from here.

ezflash omega kernel and firmware

What’s new for EZflash omega V1.01 kernel and V3.0 firmware?

The latest ezflash omega kernel and firmware improves console and microsd compatibility, solves a bug on the softreset feature and at the same time, notify us 2 issues for the ezflash omega flashcard. One is about the NORFLASH the other is a game save issue. It means all the ezflash omega have the two problems, no matter it’s with the V1.01 kernel and V3.0 firmware or not.


  • improved compatibility with original GBA
  • improved stability with various microSD
  • fixed bugs related with softreset

known issue:

  • NORFLASH is not useable on original GBA, for now.
  • Final Fantasy Tactics will be frozen on saving.

Where to download ezflash omega kernel and firmware?

V1.01 kernel and V3.0 firmware of ez flash omega can be downloaded from the official site EZFLASH.CN. The direct link is here, Note that users only need to download the v1.01 kernel then the ezflash omega firmware can be automatically upgraded, because the official site says that they are combined together.

How to update ezflash omega to kernel v1.01 and firmware v3.0?


  1. Go to this site, click the download button on the latest ez omega kernel and firmware.
  2. Unzip the ezflashkernel file to a new folder. Double the folder, you will see the EZKERNEL.BIN file.
  3. Connect your Microsd card to the PC, drag the EZKERNEL.BIN to your sd card’s root folder.
  4. You can update the kernel by press R key and power up the console, firmware will be upgraded automatically after kernel done the updating.
  5. The system will boot up after the update process done. The kernel version is displayed on the upper right corner of System Setting.


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