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Confirmed, SX Gear will be released in the second week of September!

For those of you waiting for the releasing of SX Gear we would like to tell you that, its launching date has been confirmed already. Though the TX doesn’t post an announcement on their official site, us, the official reseller of SX PRO/SX GEAR/SX OS has already told by the Team Xecuter about it.

SX Gear or Xecuter SX Gear

sx gear release and shipment news

SX Gear, the 3rd product for hacking the Nintendo Switch, its price is a little more expensive than the SX OS license but much cheaper than SX Pro kit, it can be used on Multiple Nintendo Switch consoles, its main function is to boot the SX OS or any other Nintendo Switch CFW on your Switch machine.

SX Gear, it is the best companion for SX OS users without the SX Pro!!! Like the SX Pro, SX Gear also has a high-quality joycon jig and usb dongle. Their only difference is, SX Pro dongle is with the SX OS license, but the SX Gear dongle is an empty.

Formal Releasing date and shipment of SX Gear

SX Gear will be released to the public within the following 7 days, the Second week of September. Like TX promised in their first announcement about the SX Gear, the Xecuter SX Gear is set to be out in September. Now the exact launching date is not clearly, but if you order the SX Gear from in this week, you will have it shipped out with a tracking number in the same week too. So it’s not a pre-order any more in this week. 

How ship the SX Gear to you? We have multiple shipments, but Xecuter SX Gear is just released out, if you want to choose American/European local carrier, you need to wait for another week before shipping. We have to ship the SX Gear from TX to our warehouses in USA and France firstly.

The other shipments are free shipping and express DHL/EMS/FedEx/UPS, to you live in America, United Kingdom, Canada, Germany, Spain, Australia and most countries of the world, you can choose free or express shipping, both are having the tracking number. However, free shipping takes from 2 to 6 weeks, DHL takes only 3 to 5 days.

SX Gear or SX Pro or SX OS, which to buy for Hacking Nintendo Switch?

In terms of Price, SX OS license code is the cheapest to buy, but it is more difficult touse compared with the SX Pro and SX Gear; in terms of usage, SX Pro is the best choice, because it’s the easiest one that installs OS CFW to Nintendo Switch. Then, how about the SX Gear? If you have many SX OS codes or want to boot any CFW on Nintendo Switch with a plug and play method, you can buy the SX Gear, that is its Advantage.

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