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R4 card or Homebrew can’t work on these New 3DS\XL\2DS consoles?

If you order New 3DS\XL\2DS console recently and plan to use 3DS R4 card or Homebrew exploit on it, here I cite the list of 3DS serials+firmware from 2 members in Reddit, so you can know what comes on 11.0 and what comes under 11.0. 3DS R4 or Homebrew works all New 3DS\XL\2DS console? For 3ds R4 card, yes, for ... Read More »

Which DSi XL cart works with 3DS and New3DS in 2016?

What you should do if the DSi XL cart can’t support on 3DS or NEW 3DS you plan to buy in future, buy a new 3DS R4 one or the old R4 dsi xl cart can be updated for 3ds compatibility. In this post, let me answer you this question. DSI XL cart supports 3DS or NEW 3DS console? No, ... Read More »

Why we can’t find and buy R4 3DS card in Amazon USA?

Plan to purchase the 3DS R4 card but only want to buy from the Famous and Reliable online site, for example, So what you should do, just go and search R4 3DS keywords in the site? If you ever tried to do it, you would know only one R4 3DS Flashcard was sold in the Whole Amazon. That is ... Read More »

How to solve R4 Card block,white screen|solutions of a broken R4 Card

R4 Card is the most famous flashcart . There are R4i Gold 3ds,R4i SDHC liver, R4i sdhc 3ds rts,  R4i Gold pro   … If the R4 Card can’t work on your Nintendo console,how to solve this problem? white screen,can’t find the card, or alarm “an error has occurred.Press and hold the POWER Button…” Don’t worry I will show you how ... Read More »

How to update R4i-SDHC RTS 3DS Flashcart/flashcard firmware to latest V1.73b?

R4i-SDHC Team is the first team to support 3ds v6.2.0,It can be seen that the r4i-sdhc team is very powerful.And r4i-sdR4i-SDHC Team is the first team to support 3ds v6.2.0,It can be seen that the r4i-sdhc team is very powerful.And r4i-sdhc 3ds rts is very stable and worth buying. the v1.73b is latest r4i-sdhc kernel,compatibility for NDS games. Here is ... Read More »

R4i kernel download

R4i-SDHC 3DS kernel download(withmark) Please you choose to download the R4i SDHC 3DS language version of the kernel. Latest version: V1.73b. Updated Date:[2013-08-08] English V1.73b 2013-08-08 Japanese V1.73b 2013-08-08 French V1.73b 2013-08-08 German V1.73b 2013-08-08 Italian V1.73b 2013-08-08 Spanish V1.73b 2013-08-08 Dutch V1.73b 2013-08-08 Korean V1.73b 2013-08-08 Portugese V1.73b 2013-08-08 Chinese Simplify V1.73b 2013-08-08   Chinese Traditional V1.73b 2013-08-08 3DS V6.1.0-12 firmware upgrade instruction (Please do not update your consoles to ... Read More »

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