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3DS System 10.2 Warning-Buy Sky3ds for 3ds 10.2 and choose Gateway for emunand 10.2

For the latest Nintendo 3ds new system 10.2.0-28, here is a warning for you. Sky3ds card is the direct 3ds game hacking card for 3ds 10.2.0 firmware, but Gateway 3ds card, it supports 3ds emunand 10.2 not 3ds sysnand 10.2. Don’t choose a not working flashcard for your 3ds/3ds xl hand-held. If you are still confused on the two cards, ... Read More »

Wie wird die MT-Karte benutzen ?

DIE MT-Card FLASHCARD FUNKTIONIERT NUR MIT EINEM 3DS DER FW 4.1 BIS MAXIMAL 4.5Es ist von essenzieller Wichtigkeit ein Backup seines Nand zu machen, vergesst dies nicht.Wenn euer 3DS ein Brick erleidet könnt ihr diesen mittels Backup wieder Herstellen. (Lötkenntnisse und Raspberry Pi erforderlich! Kaufen MT-Karte  from official reseller. Hier erstelle ich nach und nach den MT-Card Support ThreadDieser wird ... Read More »

How to update MT Card fimware to v1.1 for 3DS XL

We all know that MT Card is the first 3ds flashcard support multi-roms.In this article we will teach you how to upgrade the MT Card firmware to the latest v1.1 . The V 1.1 has more better compatibility and more stable. STEP1 of upgrade MT Card 1) USB Cable2)MT-Card (the white one) STEP2 of upgrade MT Card download the latest ... Read More »

MT Card Review How to use the Mt Card to enjoy Multi-3DS game Roms on 3DS XL

As the MT-Card  official reseller, has test this new 3DS games flashcard.It is fantastic and has tons of new features that the other 3ds flashcarts do not have. What’s more, the MT-Card is very easy to set up! It’s a wonderful unit that allows to you play multi-rom with one MicroSD card, and games can be switched easily via a ... Read More »

[user guide] How to seupt mt card to enjoy multi-3DS roms ?

Mt-Card  is the first flashcard that support multi-roms on one micro sd card. In this article We will show that how to use the mt card. Step1: Prepare the BlueCard A) Prepare the BlueCard and a MicroSDcard, and formatted the MicroSDcard as FAT32; B) Copy all files from BlueCard folder to the ROOT of the MicroSD card. Step2: Run MT_INSTALLER.NDS ... Read More »

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