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Action replay DS or DS flashcard, which supports game cheats on NEW 3DS and 3DS(XL)?

Action replay DS can work on NEW3DS, 3DS and 3DSXL consoles? Which game cheats does the action replay DS support? Flashcard such as R4I 3DS, R4I GOLD, R4ISDHC, are they compatible with action replay cheats code when hack Nintendo 3DS/DS hand-held to play free games? Want to know the answers, read this article! Action replay for NEW 3DS, 3DS and ... Read More »

GW 4.0 Beta #2|What’s Gateway 4.0 Private Beta Program?

Yes, Gateway 3ds team finally release GW 4.0 Beta to the public.The long-expected GW Time Machine app and A9LH installer are added to 4.0 private beta as they promised. But they also warn every user should be very careful when use the GW 4.0 and not to try it if they don’t backup 3DS Nand and has a way to ... Read More »

Gateway 3ds in gbatemp, what’s its compatibility, features and review?

Want to buy Gateway 3ds but don’t know the card well? I will show you Gateway 3ds compatibility, ultra features, review in  gbatemp . After you read all info on GW 3DS, you will be likely to make a wise decision on choosing a card to play 3DS Games on 3DS/NEW 3DS/2DS consoles. Why we should know Gateway 3ds in gbatemp? You ... Read More »

Gateway new firmware: Support a free Homebrew app(GW Time Machine) and A9LH?

Gateway 3ds finally released something after 2 months passed, but for now the newest gateway firmware will only be send to selected beta-testers. To most of gateway 3ds card users, you can't get it for upgrading and using. Want to know what's new in the gateway 3ds upcoming firmware? Here is the description from their official team. Latest GW update ... Read More »

Sky3ds+ and Gateway 3ds, both supports 3DS Games on 3DS Emunand 11.0.0-33?

Gateway 3ds card is confirmed supporting emunand 11.0.0-33 well by users. Is the best flashcard we should buy for playing 3ds games on 3ds v11.0? Does the Sky3ds+ plus also supports 3ds games on emunand 11.0? Use which flashcard, we can play 3ds games directly on 3ds or 3ds xl 11.0.0-33? Here, your questions will be answered. Gateway 3ds supports ... Read More »

New 3ds update,11.0.0-33U/E/J blocks R4 card,Sky3ds/Sky3ds+ and homebrew hacks?

Not 10.8 or 10.9, Nintendo updated to the 3ds firmare to v11.0.0 directly some hours ago. Is there a big change in the 3ds 11.0.0-33U/E/J? Block the flashcards which are working on 3ds latest firmware all the time or patch the homebrew hacks which have the 3ds 10.7 compatibility? Plus, will the 3ds 11.0 be downgraded too? Whatever, don’t update ... Read More »

Gateway 3ds supports 10.3 or 10.7 3DS/NEW3DS Sysnand in the upcoming days?

Gateway 3ds card supports 3ds 10.3 firmware is coming to us. Yes, after a long waiting time, the official team finally find a way to work on 3ds/n3ds/2ds console with system version from 9.3 to 10.3. It has not yet released today, but accroding to the stuff from the GW Company, a new Gateway 3ds firmware which bring the direct ... Read More »

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