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Sky3ds+ Plus or Dstwo Plus, which is a better 3ds card for playing 3DS Games?

Sky3ds+ Plus and Dstwo Plus both are as the upgraded cards of former version, which one with real better functions and which one is more worth to buy? Here, let’s discuss before you place an order on the 2 new version 3ds game flashcards. Sky3ds Plus Sky3ds+ or Sky3ds plus, this new Sky3ds card will come into the market around ... Read More »

(Tutorial)How to use Dstwo Plus on Nintendo 3ds (xl) to play free 3ds games?

Dstwo plus card is full in stock in Before you buy it, check the 3ds firmware version carefully! If you are on 3ds v4.1 to v9.2, you can buy this card. If you are out of the firmware range, you should buy this card-Sky3ds to play pirated 3ds games. And this article shows you the latest Dstwo Plus Tutorial ... Read More »

How to play NDS games freely on 3DS XL 10.1 without dstwo and dstwo plus?

Without Supercard dstwo and Dstwo plus cards, how can we play hacked NDS roms on 3DS XL 10.1 firmware for free? It's the latest news that supercard dstwo will out of market soon with the releasing of new card dstwo plus. Though dstwo plus is one card for 4 type games, NDS/3DS/GBA/SNES supporting. The built-in Gateway plug in lets the ... Read More »

R4 card VS Dstwo plus, which is better for playing DS/GBA/SNES games on 10.1.0-27u?

It's a got news that New DSTWO PLUS will be available to buy at the October. The official site updates its page with full info on the new card-Supercard Dstwo Plus. According to the, dstwo plus can support 3ds, nds, gba and snes games in one card and with more powerful hardware than supercard dstwo. So when compared with ... Read More »

Breaking news on Supercard dstwo plus, it supports 3DS/NDS/GBA games and out in Oct!

The legendary Supercard dstwo plus is finally near to us with 3DS/DS/GBA/SNES games supported. The official site released the news and revailed more details on the uncoming supercard dstwo plus card. Want to know more? Here you can see. We will let you buy it immediately from us since its formal releasing.  Supercard dstwo plus description DSTWO PLUS is based ... Read More »

DSTwo and Sky3DS|The Best 3ds, gba and snes emulation for 10.1.0 firmware

Supercard dstwo is the best flashcart for the GB/GBC/GBA, Nes, Snes, Genesis, & DS emulation on 3DS V10.1 while Sky3ds card runs the perfect 3ds game card emulation on the latest 3ds system. If you try to search one flash card with 3ds, gba, snes and ds games supporting, there is no one in the market. The best option for ... Read More »

R4 3DS Flashcart Guide for Nintendo NEW 3DS 10.1.0-27(U/E/J)

Sky3DS is the only working 3ds flashcart to support 3ds games on new 3ds 10.1.0-27 and R4 3DS is the best ds game supported card series for new 3ds 10.1.0-27. Don't know much about the 2 type nintendo flashcarts? In this post, you can get to know them better and choose one suits to your need. 3DS Flashcart Guide for ... Read More »

Nintendo 3ds 10.1.0-27 updated, R4 card and Sky3ds can support directly!

Nintendo 3ds firmware updated to v10.1.0-27 again. It’s the second system in this month. Same description as the 3ds v10.0.0-27 updated news, we test Sky3ds and R4 3ds cards on the new version. They are supporting free 3ds games and ds games directly on 3ds v10.1.0-27u. Nintendo 3DS 10.1.0-27 Firmware Main changes for version 10.1.0-27U Update released: September 14th, 2015 ... Read More »

Is Supercard dstwo better than R4I 3DS for N3DS XL 10.0.0-27?

Ninendo 3ds v10.0.0-27 is available to download for a few day. Which is the best ds game supported card for 3ds 10.0 firmware, r4i 3ds or supercard dstwo? If you can't decide which buy to buy on 3ds/3ds v10.0.0-27, let me help you do some comparison below. R4I 3DS for N3DS XL 10.0.0-27 The most representative R4 3DS or R4I ... Read More »

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