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New 3ds update,11.0.0-33U/E/J blocks R4 card,Sky3ds/Sky3ds+ and homebrew hacks?

Not 10.8 or 10.9, Nintendo updated to the 3ds firmare to v11.0.0 directly some hours ago. Is there a big change in the 3ds 11.0.0-33U/E/J? Block the flashcards which are working on 3ds latest firmware all the time or patch the homebrew hacks which have the 3ds 10.7 compatibility? Plus, will the 3ds 11.0 be downgraded too? Whatever, don’t update ... Read More »

Buy Ace3ds plus for 3ds/n3ds in USA, does it support 3ds games too?

Do you know the cheapest R4 card Ace3ds plus, it can be used on new 3ds as well as old 3ds, is it supporting the latest firmware 10.7.0-32 and the last question, does it play Nintendo 3DS Games as Sky3ds+ plus card. Before buy Ace3ds plus, you should read this post to get to know the answers. Ace3ds plus works ... Read More »

Nintendo 3ds 10.1.0-27 updated, R4 card and Sky3ds can support directly!

Nintendo 3ds firmware updated to v10.1.0-27 again. It’s the second system in this month. Same description as the 3ds v10.0.0-27 updated news, we test Sky3ds and R4 3ds cards on the new version. They are supporting free 3ds games and ds games directly on 3ds v10.1.0-27u. Nintendo 3DS 10.1.0-27 Firmware Main changes for version 10.1.0-27U Update released: September 14th, 2015 ... Read More »

8 R4 cards compare on 3ds console | which is the best r4 3ds flashcard

The SKY3DS and Gateway 3DS are the most popular 3ds flashcart in the current market. But the R4 cards still have it’s users. If you have a kids or you want to enjoy old ds mode games. You should buy a r4 3ds flashcard. In the 2015, many old classical r4 cards were disappeared,the AK2i and many other old r4 ... Read More »

How to fix ace3ds plus revolution an error has occurred ?

ACE3DS PLUS revolution an error occurred, the full error msg shuld be:”An error has occured. Hold down the POWER Button to turn off the power.” That’s mean your card maybe blocked by the 3DS system. ACE3DS Plus revolution is one of the cheapest r4 flashcart, it support the latest 3DS 8.1.0-19 (buy from Aug 23,2013) If your ACE3DS Plus is ... Read More »

The cheapest flashcart for 3DS(XL) 7.2.0-17

Nintendo has upgrade the system to 7.2.0-17. Which is the most cheapest flashcart for 3ds 7.2.0-17 ?The answer is ACE3DS PLUS. ACE3DS PLUS is the cheapest flashcart in the world that can works on 7.2.0-17.  Let’s take a look of the features of ACE3DS PLUS: FEATURES Work perfectly on 3DS V7.2.0-17 and DSi V1.45. Support 3DSLL(XL)/3DS/DSILL(XL)/DSI/DSL/DS. Fully compatible with the ... Read More »

Which is the most cheap flashcart for nintendo 3ds 6.3.0-12

Nintendo 6.3.0-12 has released more then one week,which is the most cheap flashcart  for Nintendo 3ds 6.3.0-12. In the market of flashcarts,there are many flashcart with different price,different functions.The most powerful and most expensive Supercard dstwo ,the most famous r4 original card R4i Gold 3ds  ,the top sells card —- R4i sdhc 3ds rts .It’s all has its selling points.But ... Read More »

Ace3ds Plus works fine on 3DS 6.2.0-12 now!

The Ace3ds Plus Team hacked 3DS firmware 6.2.0-12 on September 3 . The latest pre-flashed Ace3ds Plus  cards from it official reseller can work on 3DS 6.2.0-12 directly.Although Ace3DS plus is not the first flashcart that support 3ds 6.2.0-12,But the Ace3ds plus is the cheapest flashcart.   If your 3DS(XL) system is V6.2.0-12,don’t worry,now you can update your Ace3ds ... Read More »

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