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Nintendo Switch 7.0.1 firmware outs, should we update for using SX OS Pro?

News comes from Nintendo, they has released a brand new update for the Nintendo Switch‘s firmware. This brings the firmware to version 7.0.1. Can we still use Xecuter SX Pro/SX OS License on switch 7.0.1? what’s the deatiled infoemation of Nintendo Switch V 7.0.1? on the below, you can find answers. Nintendo Switch 7.0.1 updated new: Nintendo Switch system update ... Read More »

SX OS v3.0 available soon for hacking Nintendo Switch v7.0?

As we all know, the latest firmware v7.0.0-30 from Nintendo Switch has blocked the current hack so no CFW (custom firmware) can work below. Cracked switch users are waiting for the CFW update, especially the SX OS v2.5, which is the best CFW for the switch. Recently a rumor has emerged that the Switch v7.0 has already been hacked thanks ... Read More »

Can Super Mario Maker 2 be hacked to play on Switch with SX OS Pro?

Super Mario Maker 2 Nintendo Switch trailer has been released and confirmed to be released in this June. Can this game be hacked to play for free on Nintendo Switch? Will it be compatible with SX OS CFW? Also, what are the secret features of Switch version Super Mario Maker 2? Here, you can see all the answers. Can we hack ... Read More »

What’s Stargate NX, is it a flashcard like Stargate 3ds?

Recently, Stargate 3ds team releases a brand new product for Nintendo Switch, that’s the Stargate NX or StargateNX. What’s the Stargate NX? and when will it be released? Is StargateNX a flashcard to use on Nintendo Switch? Before purchasing, you can find deatield information on the below. What’s Stargate NX? StargateNX is the first and only product to allow any Nintendo Switch ... Read More »

How to hack Nintendo Switch in 2019, for homebrew, cfw and games?

Here is the 2019 newbie guide for teaching you how to hack Nintendo Switch to install homebrew, cfw and enjoy free gaming. In 2019, it’s very easy and safe to homebrew and play free games on your Nintendo Switch with CFW, especially for those of you can get the most poweful Switch custom firmware-SX OS on your Switch. Nintendo Switch ... Read More »

AceNS Pro VS SX Pro, which one to buy to crack Nintendo Switch?

Days ago, the website released a new RCM dongle named AceNS Pro, and now it’s already available to order online with a cheaper price than SX Pro. For players who intend to hack their Nintendo Switch console, which dongle finally choose? And what are the differences between AceNS Pro and Xecuter SX Pro? Is AceNS better than SX Pro ... Read More »

Does SX OS CFW support Nintendo Switch V7.0.0-30?

Nintendo Switch system version 7.0.0 released at the end of this month, what’ new for this UPDATE? and is SX OS v2.5 support switch v7.0.o or not? We will see the full answer below. Changelog Nintendo Switch v7.0.0-30 Nintendo Version 7.0.0 is available through an update, providing new profile icons based on New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe. Peachette fans, your time is ... Read More »

Can Nintendo DS/3DS games play on Switch in 2019?

Nintendo DS games or 3DS games, can they and how to play them on the Switch in 2019, do you want to know the answer? If yes, my post is for that. Are Nintendo DS/3DS games compatible with Switch? The answer is No, Nintendo Switch is a completely different console when compared with the DS and 3DS, is an all-new way ... Read More »

[2019]Which R4/3DS flashcard has no Timebomb and where to buy?

This article is for helping you to avoid buying the timebomb R4/3DS flashcards in 2019, so the card you purchase can finally work on your Nintendo 3DS or NDS handhelds for a long long time. I will list you the time bomb flashcards and non-timebomb flashcarts, and tell you the a USA/EU shipping site to buy non-time bomb R4/3DS/GBA/Switch flash ... Read More »

SX OS Stable 2.5.2 comes for hacking Nintendo Switch in 2019

Team Xecuter proprose to discover a new version of its SX OS that now goes into v2.5.2 “Stable”, What’s the added information of SX OS 2.5.2 Stable? Is it safe to update SX OS ? All the information about SX OS CFW, we will show on the below. The news of sx os 2.5.2 stable Two small fixes were made, ... Read More »

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