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No exploit but Soundhax and Flashcard work on 3ds/new 3ds 11.3.0-36 firmware?

Don’t update your 3ds or new 3ds firmware to the latest version 11.3.0-36, if I am not too late to tell you that. Now, except Soundhax, R4 3DS and 3DS Flashcards(Sky3ds+, Sky3ds), any other 3ds hacking methods can not work on the 3ds v11.3.0-36 directly. Yes, though it is being a long time, the firmware of 3DS/2DS/NEW 3DS updated again, ... Read More »

2016 Guide to help you pick a flashcart for 3DS,New3DS,DS/DS lite/DSi and more

This is the latest flashcard guide in 2016, will help you pick up the best and working cart for different Nintendo systems, such as 3DS, NEW3DS, 2DS, DS, DS Lite, DSI and the very old Gameboy/Gamboy color/Gameboy advance consoles. The most of this blog is from a member of Reddit here, and we do some updates in need. Notice, ... Read More »

Which EZ gba flashcart to buy in 2015?

EZ GBA flashcart has the latest product in the year 2015. From now on, either EZ 3 IN 1 or old EV-Flash IV is not recommended to buy. The new EZ-Flash IV MicroSD version is freshly introduced you here. New ezflash iv microSD version doesn't need miniSD adapter anymore and support up to 32GB microSDHC memory card, so you can ... Read More »

How to use ezcast wifi dongle on Android system ?

EZCast wifi dongle is a HDMI dongle that casts pictures, videos, ebooks, documents and games directly from any android, iOS, Windows and Mac directly to your HDMI Screen/ TV.In this article I will show you how to use on Android system. One power on,the front page of EZCast dongle shows: EZCast SSID: EZcast-xxxxxxxx passworld:xxxxxxx. For Windows/Mac OS users,you can download ... Read More »

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