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Stargate 3ds firmware v1.0, its first instruction and where to download?

Stargate 3ds firmware and releasing date is finally unveiled by the official site.  Stargate 3ds flash cart v1.0 firmware is out and the formal releasing date will be the next week(Dec. 11th to Dec. 17th). More news and updates about Stargate 3ds flashcard you can check the following. Stargate 3ds-first shipment We are happy to announce that the first Stargate ... Read More »

Where to get 3ds download codes for playing free DS/3DS roms on V11.6.0-39?

In these days, we meet many customers who have questions on our free 3ds download code. They are asking that what is it using for? Is it a download code for Nintendo Eshop? How to get free games for 3DS with this rom code? After answering them, we feel we also can tell to the public about the 3ds download ... Read More »

What’s the game download code for R4 3DS/3DS card users and how to use?

To every R4 3DS flash card or 3DS card(Sky3ds, Sky3ds+, Gateway 3DS) users, you can get exclusive game code to download Pokemon, Animal Crossing, Super Mario and other 3DS/DS games here. will share you a free game code in this post ang guide you how to get it and use it online to download Pokemon/Animal Crossing/Super Mario games. 3DS ... Read More »

Where to download 3ds games and cheats code for Gateway 3ds card?

After buy Gateway 3ds card online, when it is delivered, where to download free 3ds roms for Gateway and which site to get more Gateway 3ds cheats code. No matter you buy from the USA reseller or not, we would like to help you here. Gateway 3DS Download Where to downlaod Gateway 3ds firmware or ultra? Download Gateway 3ds ... Read More »

R4i-3ds V1.84, does the R4i sdhc 3ds card with 1.84b supports 2DS/NEW 3DS 11.1.0?

A new R4i-3ds kernel has been updated for 2DS/NEW 3DS 11.1.0-34 firmware. The R4 card kernel is working for R4i 3ds sdhc rts card. This R4i 3ds card is the most-welcomed R4 brand for years, supports All DS games, full RTS functions and Unique wifi download engine feature. It is also the most active R4 flash card with regular updating. ... Read More »

Where to download NDS, GBA, 3DS, CIA games for playing on 3DS console?

Which is the safe site to download NDS, GBA, 3DS and .CIA games? Can we use 1 or 2 cards(R4 3DS, SKY3DS+) to play the different type of games on Nintendo 3DS? Then, I will show you where to download these free roms online and how to play them on 3DS family consoles. Where to download GBA, SNES, NES games ... Read More »

Nintendo 3DS 10.3.0-28|Which R4,3DS flashcart and homebrew exploit support?

One update in one month, Nintendo 3DS released the lateset 10.3.0-28 firmware. And notice it is 10.3.0-28, not the 10.3.0-29 version. Still stability upgrade on this system, do much changes. We test Nintendo flashcarts on 3DS 10.3.0-28 as well, R4 3DS card and Sky3ds supports DS/3DS games on it directly. Nintendo 3DS 10.3.0-28 Main changes for version 10.3.0-28U Update released: ... Read More »

Sky3ds 3ds 10.0 review, how to put free 3ds roms to play on 3ds/2ds 10.0.0-27?

Is Sky3ds working well on 3ds latest firmware 10.0? How to put multi 3ds roms on 3ds/2ds v10.0.0-27 using sky3ds? Where to download free 3ds games just with 3ds game download code? My passage here is for solving these problems. Sky3ds Review on 3ds 10.0.0-27 Sky3ds video review Blue Sky3ds Review(pros and cons) Supports/Compatible with 3ds firmware to date V10.0.0-27 ... Read More »

3DS system upgraded to 10.0.0-27U, which r4 3ds or sky3ds support 3DS 10.0 ?

NIntendo upgrade the 3DS system to a new version 10.0. Dose the R4 3ds card and sky3ds,gateway 3DS still work on the new 3ds 10.0.0-27 ? We have upgrade the 3ds to the latest 3ds system. Official news: Version 10.0.0-27U available via wireless Internet connection includes the following improvements: Further improvements to overall system stability and other minor adjustments have ... Read More »

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