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C2M Review: What are its Pros and Cons for hacking SNES/NES Classic?

Since the NES and SNES Mini came on the market, Nintendo fans have been steadily increasing the number of small console games. Recently days, Classic 2 Magic has been released, and What are its Pros and Cons for hacking SNES/NES Classic? Today, following us, we will give you the depth review of Classic 2 Magic (C2M). Can you hack SNES Mini ... Read More »

Where and how to download SNES roms to play for free on SNES Classic?

There is no doubt that one of the biggest surprises of recent years has been the success of the Nintendo Mini systems. If its first console, the Nintendo Classic Mini NES was a revolution in the market, its successor, the SNES Mini, has followed the same path, even surpassing the sales of its predecessor. The Classic 2 Magic has been ... Read More »

C2M User Guide-how to hack SNES Mini to play SNES cart and region free games?

C2M-Classic 2 Magic is, in fact, a plug & play device to be inserted above your Snes Mini allowing the console to read the original Super Nintendo cartridges, The device lets you play your actual SNES carts on the SNES Classic Edition. So, on the below, we will give you the tutorial of C2M to play games on your SNES ... Read More »

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