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2019 Complete guide to play GBA/GBC/NES games on Nintendo 3DS

Nintendo 3ds system 11.9.0 updated, can we play GBA/GBC/NES games on the Nintendo 3DS? How to play GBA/GBC/NES games on Nintendo 3DS V11.9? On the below, we will show the 2019 Complete guide to playing GBA/GBC/NES games on Nintendo 3DS. 3 ways to play GBA games on 3DS in 2019 A-Play GBA games on 3DS CFW First, you need to ... Read More »

50 Faq for you want to hack 3DS/Nintendo Switch in 2019

Here is the complete FAQ about 2019 Nintendo Switch and 3DS Hacking. Following us, you can get detailed information about Nintendo Switch and 3DS hacking with flashcard or without. Nintendo Switch Hacking FAQ 2019 What’s the mean of Hacking ? modification of a file or a system. For example, a ‘ROM hack’ means a ‘modified ROM’. What’s NXLoader? NXLoader is ... Read More »

[2019]Which R4/3DS flashcard has no Timebomb and where to buy?

This article is for helping you to avoid buying the timebomb R4/3DS flashcards in 2019, so the card you purchase can finally work on your Nintendo 3DS or NDS handhelds for a long long time. I will list you the time bomb flashcards and non-timebomb flashcarts, and tell you the a USA/EU shipping site to buy non-time bomb R4/3DS/GBA/Switch flash ... Read More »

[Tutorial]The latest Guide to homebrew, install cfw and play free games on 11.9.0

This is a guide to tell you how to homebrew 3ds 11.9, install custom firmware and play free DS/3DS games on the 11.9.0 firmware consoles. No matter, you want to only homebrew, or just get a CFW on 3DS or play games easily on the V11.9 firmware, the following instructions can satisfy your need. Are Homebrew and CFW patched on ... Read More »

Should we update to 3DS 11.9 for using flashcard, cfw and homebrew?

The new Nintendo 3DS system V11.9.0-42 has been released and updated, is this new firmware safe to update? Should we update to 3DS 11.9 for using flashcard, cfw and homebrew? Can we use a R4 3DS or 3DS flashcard to hack 3DS or New 2DS XL 11.9.0-42? Today you can find the answers on the below. 3DS Firmware update to 11.9.0-42 ... Read More »

What’s the free way to install CFW on 3DS/2DS XL V11.8?

A totally free way to install 3DS CFW, even on the V11.8.0 firmware is released, that method is called ’Frogminer‘. This post will give you a full introduction on it and also teach you how to use it to install CFW on 3DS or 2DS XL V11.8.0E/U/J consoles. Frogminer: The 100% FREE way to install B9S/CFW on the 3DS V11.8 Nintendo Scene ... Read More »

Which R4i gold is the best to buy for installing CFW on 3DS or Switch?

It’s known that we can play free DS games by using the r4 card with no risk. But do you know? How to use the r4 card to play DS games freely on 3DS without 3ds flashcard? Which R4i gold is the best to buy for installing CFW on 3DS or Switch? Should we use SX Pro to hack switch? Today, you ... Read More »

How to play free GBA, SNES, NES games on Switch and 3DS?

There are some flashcards to hack Nintendo DS/3DS/ Switch on the market, and do you know how to choose the best card for our console? What’s the best GBA card? How to play free GBA, SNES, NES games on Switch and 3DS? Can we use r4 card to play game on Nintendo Switch? Following us, we will show the deatiled information ... Read More »

SX Gear VS SX Tools, which is better to buy and use for installing SX OS?

2 new “SX’ products are announced by Team Xecuter for installing SX OS in this week, they are the SX Gear and the SX Tools app. What are their differences? Which one is better to buy for installing SX OS CFW? and How to use them on our Switch consoles? This post is about the 3 questions. Team Xecuter: SX ... Read More »

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